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Where to get Code Geass - Continued Story piano sheets?

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Try http://josh.agarrado.net/music/anime/ then search continued story :)
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What is code geass about?

The Holy Britannian Empire conquers Japan with robots named "Knightmare Frames" and renames the newly conquered territory "Area 11" . Lelouch Lamperouge leads the resistance a

Who does lelouch kiss in Code Geass?

Lelouch kisses at least 3 girls (most likely THEY kissed him and he kissed them back): 1. Shirley Fennette 2. C.C. 3. Kallen ~ C.C.

What happened at the end of code geass?

At the end of Code Geass, Lelouch becomes the emperor and Nunnally is not blind anymore, but she still couldn't walk. Lelouch made a plan with Suzaku, that Suzaku have to dres

Is there a code geass r3 coming?

Yes, Code Geass R3 (I don't know if it will be called that or not) has been conformed, but does not have a release date yet. Also all anyone knows (or at least what I can find

What age rating is code geass?

First season of Code Geass is R+ - (mild nudity) Second season is R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

In code geass who does lelouch like?

the comment before was TOTAL gibberish (and obviously of opinion) It was pretty much said that Lelouch likes Shirley, that's not fan-speculated, it was true. ... but of course

Will there be a sequel to Code Geass R2?

SPOILERS: Unfortunately no, there will not be a sequel to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. Lelouch dies and he creates peace on Earth for everyone. Everyone else live

What is Code and Geass meaning?

What do they mean? It's pretty much self-explanatory. Geass, though, in Irish myth and folklore (Spelled Geis) is a taboo, whether of obligation or prohibition, similar to

In code geass who likes lelouch?

There were many woman (maybe even MEN!) that liked Lelouch/Zero,  but since you only asked for Lelouch, here's the list:   1. Shirley Fennette (openly)   2. C.C. (sho