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The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in Boston
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When was the first telephone made?

During the late 1860's many inventors worked with the telegraph principle to transmit sounds and voices. The first system was patented in March, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell,

How a cellular telephone call is made?

When you place a cellular phone call, you dial the number and press the send button. A number of steps then follow: 1. Your cell phone scans for the nearest base station in

Who made the first telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell patented a telephone in March, 1876. Others had experimented with the transmission of speech over wires since the invention of the telegraph. Bell used a

Who made the first telephone call to the moon?

Richard Nixon made the first phone call to the moon. The historical event took place in July 21, 1969. The call was made from Houston, TX.

Can a telephone call be made on Internet?

Yes, but with companies like Skype and you also have to pay money for it if you are going to call real phones or cell phones. But the video calling and audio calling is free i

Who made the first telephone call?

The person who made the very first telephone call was the inventor himself, Alexander Graham Bell. On March 10, 1876 the first words were uttered, "Mr. Watson, come here, I wa

What economic effect has the telephone made?

The first telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell. The idea of the telephone was taking from his attempts of the telegraph. The first thing that was said was "Mr. Watso

What technology made telephones possible?

  Like most modern inventions, the telephone owes its inception to a combination of scientific theories, technology, and imagination. This answer deals with technologies u

How has the telephone made an impact on economy?

The telephone has made a huge impact on the economy. As an invention usally does, the telephone. Some of these include: TelemarketingLinemenOperators After Alexander Gram Bel