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Eggs are usually collected from chickens. These are then cooked by a human following a set recipie to create scrambled eggs.

On the lighter side

Scrambled eggs were originated in Ireland when the clog dance originated.
The dancers had to practice this new dance or King Sláine would execute them. Therefore whenever they had an opportunity they practiced. Unfortunately for them, they began to practice on a giant skillet that had a barrel filled with green eggs in it. (The eggs were green because they were in Ireland). One of the dancers knocked over the barrel, scrambling green eggs in every direction. The dancers could not stop dancing because they knew they needed to learn this new dance and they danced all over the eggs which scrambled them further. The eggshells were gotten rid of because the dancers all had to kick in unison for the dance, so they all kept kicking and eventually the shells were gone.
The owner of the skillet (an ancestor of Paul Bunyan), had recently milked his giant cow(an ancestor of Babe). He then placed the milk in a giant barrel, which he told the wheel in the sky to keep on churning. Of course, the dancers knocked over the barrelful of butter, spilling butter all over the skillet. Paul Bunyan's ancestor heard the noise and came out to investigate. After determining the source of the noise, he chased the dancers out of the skillet and ate the scrambled eggs.
The eggs came from London a person named Olfonza drew a pictures of what he thought would be a duck (yellow) he painted it because he was Tired. It turned out that his drawing was the best looking thing and everyone wanted to eat the picture. Sadly Olfonza did not let any one eat his picture so people thinked outside the box but no one had any idea how to make something that looked so delicious mean while... a kid named Suzy Bee who was exploring found in an Forrest an oval looking ball she picked it up then axadently droped it, it was so hot that it boiled on the floor and she noticed that it looked awsomely yumy like the one in the picture the one man had drawn and told everyone and she became famous.  
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How do you make scrambled eggs?

Break the desired number of eggs into a bowl and add about an ounceof milk for each egg. Beat until mixed and looking fairly smooth.(The water in the milk makes them "fluffy" when cooked - in a pinchplain water could be used, but the flavor may suffer somewhat.) Pour into a preheated well buttered f (MORE)

How do you cook a scrambled egg?

1/2 cup of milk in a pot, table spoon of butter wait until hot stir contstantly with wooden spoon then add eggs and stir until they become scrambled. . for you'll need equipment: a non-stick frying pan,an egg(or2 0r 3;depending on your apetite!),boiled milk,salt,pepper,wooden spatula,oil,bowl . no (MORE)

Who invented scrambled eggs?

Nobody is 100% sure who inveted them, but we do know that scrambled eggs were originated in Ireland when the clog dance originated.

How do you cook scrambled eggs with bacon?

You must cook the bacon first since it won't cook thoroughly along with the eggs without overcooking the eggs. When the bacon has been cooked, chop it into small pieces and mix it into your beaten eggs. Then cook the egg mixture as you normally would for scrambled eggs.

What are the directions for making scrambled eggs?

I have a really great way of making scrambled eggs in a microwave. 1.Crack 2 eggs in a bowl 2.Whisk thoroughly and add salt and pepper 3.Place in microwave for 30secs 4.When done remove from microwave and stir 5.Cook for another 30secs 6. When done remove from microwave and stir Scrambl (MORE)

When was scrambled eggs first made?

When the cook was planning to boil some eggs but instead dropped them onto the floor. Then he picked it all up, threw away the shells and put the rest into the pan he was planning to use for boiling.

Why scrambled eggs turn green?

Sometimes a large batch of scrambled eggs may turn green. Although not pretty, the color change is harmless. It is due to a chemical change brought on by heat and occurs when eggs are cooked at too high a temperature, held for too long, or both. Using stainless steel equipment, low cooking temperatu (MORE)

How do you microwave scrambled eggs?

Take 2 eggs mix in a micro-safe bowl mix with a fork put in the microwave for 30 sec at a time and take it out a mix it between each 30 sec interval

How do you make scramble egg?

Have a plate ready, toast cooking, coffee brewing, and bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms nicely fried, if you want the works. Leave the plate under a gentle grill (broiler) to keep warm.1. Now, for one person, use a fork to lightly beat two eggs together with a little salt and pepper until well combined (MORE)

How do you store scrambled eggs?

Scrambled eggs should be stored in a sealed container or place Saran Wrap over the eggs when on a place or bowl. They can last in the refrigerator for 3-5 days when properly stored.

Can you poach scrambled eggs?

No!. The yolk of an egg does NOT need to be intact (so it could be considered scrambled) in order to be poached, however it is not possible to recook scrambled eggs by poaching them. Both poaching and scrambling are ways to cook eggs. It is one or the other but not both.

Which country invented scrambled eggs?

Nobody invented scrambled eggs, persay. New archaelogical records show that, as far back as 1400 B.C , nations such as China & Egypt domesticated chickens that layed eggs for human consumption

Where were scrambled eggs created?

Scrambling - gently frying lightly beaten eggs over heat - of eggs is universal, cooked wherever eggs are produced, in other words, everywhere. There is no specific place of origin.

How many calories does scrambled eggs have?

Calories in scrambled eggs The calorie content of scrambled eggs is determined by the size and number of eggs used and what other ingredients are added to the dish Here are some examples. There are: . approx 197 calories in scrambled eggs made with 2 large eggs, 1 tablespoon of non-fat mil (MORE)

What does scrambled eggs give your body?

\n. \nA good amount of protein.\n. \n. \nSince scrambled eggs usually are served with so many different varieties of meats, vegetables and seasonings possible, depending on cultural preferences, you can say that this protein dish can provide a very broad range of essential nutritional benefits ( (MORE)

How are scrambled eggs made?

There are several ways they can be cooked. This is what I prefer: . break the eggs in a frying pan . on medium heat stir the eggs with a spatula . when they just begin to coagulate add a "splash" of milk orcream to the pan . continue stirring with the spatula to incorporate the milk orcream . (MORE)

Can a dog eat scrambled eggs?

Yes, dogs can eat scrambled eggs, and some dogs like eggs. However, like humans, dogs should eat eggs only occasionally.

How long do you microwave scrambled eggs?

Put your mixture you would fry in the pan into a jug. (2 eggs, knob of butter, pinch of salt and pepper, small dash of milk). Put it into the microwave for one and a half minutes, then take it out and stir it. Put it back in for another one and a half minutes but keep an eye on it because it will st (MORE)

How do you scramble eggs in a microwave?

To scramble eggs in the microwave, you put them into a bowl andwhisk them like normal. From there, you put them in the microwavefor 2 minutes. Take them out, stir, and put them back in foranother minute.

The secret to perfect scrambled eggs?

1. Whip the whites before incorporating the yoke; 2. Use a medium-hot pan; 3. Don't keep scraping and turning; let them cook and gently stir them only two or three times during the cooking process. 4. Don't season the eggs until they're done.

How many carbohydrates are in scrambled eggs?

Eggs contain less than 1 gram of carbohydrate, so they are commonly recommended by most low carb diets. In addition, eggs are probably the best source of protein. However, some egg-dishes - like quiche - are high in carbs due to their pastry content.

Can you make scrambled eggs with milk?

yes you can make scrambled egg with milk and only milk, its better for you than using butter, and also in stead of using a pan to scramble your eggs you can use the micro wave, keep it in a couple of minutes and keep scrambling it with a folk. its quicker and easier using microwave and less chance o (MORE)

Is scrambled eggs a mixture or a substance?

A mixture is when two things have been combined physically, for example a pizza. Each condiment on a pizza keeps its characteristics. But for eggs, the egg was slimy before you added heat to it. So that means it has been combined with heat and egg to form scrambled egg, which has been combined chemi (MORE)

Is scrambled eggs good for you?

If you make a standard scrambled egg recipe, i think it would be healthy. It has eggs, milk, and cheese in it, which is lots of protein, so scrambled eggs are healthy.

Why are scrambled eggs yellow?

because when u cook them the yolk explodes due to heat and it splats all over the eggs and the yolk is yellow which makes the eggs yellow.

Will bacon cook in with scrambled eggs?

Yes, you can cut in pieces and put it in a bowl and put how many ever egges you want. (same amount of slices of bacon as the eggs then cut them up) Put milk in with the eggs and bacon pieces. Stir with a whisk thingy. And pour in a frying pan. Cook until dune. Very yummy. I love them. On Sundays I w (MORE)

Are scrambled eggs good?

I can't answer that for you, because everyone has their own likes. In my opinion, they are really good. Healthy? Yes. Just don't put too much salt and/or pepper! It's great for in the mornings, kids love them.

What temperature do you cook scrambled eggs?

For perfect, fluffy scrambled eggs, cook in salted butter overmed-low heat. With a flat spatula, slowly push the solids to thecenter of the pan, letting uncooked portion to run back over thepan. Repeat until eggs are full cooked, and you have a big haystackof eggs in the center of the pan. Gently fl (MORE)

How do you make scrambled eggs in the microwave?

first you crack the desired amount of egg into a bowl. then you mix the eggs with a fork then you pour one fourth of a cup into the bowl and mix. put it into the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds. when you take it out and if it is still a little wet then mix it up again and put in for another 30 (MORE)

Recipe for scrambled egg?

The basic recipe for scrambled eggs is eggs, a little milk, a little salt to taste. You can add an endless variety of things to suit your own taste, such as chopped onion, green onion, dried onion, ground pepper, diced or chopped red or green pepper, salsa, any kind of grated cheese, sausage, ham, e (MORE)

Can you scramble eggs in the mircowave?

Yes. Beat eggs with a fork add a little milk ! Cook on heat in microwave for 2 mins, check and butter (knob) if required, gives a creamy taste. As you re apply back in for 2 mins keep checking and beat with fork each time. Soon it will scramble.

How much protein is in a scrambled egg?

The same amount that is in a raw egg, or in a boiled egg etc. How the egg is cooked does not impact upon it's protein content - around 6g per medium egg.

Why add milk to scrambled eggs?

When you are making scrambled eggs, adding milk (water or broth) makes the finished dish fluffier. However, it is not necessary to add liquid to scramble eggs.

What do scrambled eggs feel like?

They feel bumpy and squishy. . If you were to blend mashed potatoes and jello together, it would be a similar consistency to that of scrambled eggs.

What happens when you scramble an egg science?

When scrambling an egg, the yolk's lecithin thickens with the heatelement. As for the egg white, the amino acids in the egg whiteconverts its arrangement to become a thick, viscous and almostrubbery protein. The result of mixing both the yolk and egg whilemakes for a less rubbery, lighter and fluffi (MORE)

What are the ingredients to make scrambled eggs?

You need eggs, or egg whites, or egg substitute. You should alsoadd milk, or alternatively water, so that the eggs come out fluffy. Other optional ingredients are butter, salt, and pepper. You canmix in ham, cheese, onions, potatoes, and other items, to makeeither scrambled eggs or omelets.

Will bacon cook with scrambled egg?

yes and no. It takes bacon a lot longer to cook, so you would needto add the eggs to the pan when your bacon is almost done &your pan is large enough, but your eggs may pick up a lot of extragrease and browning, which is not attractive. It is usually betterto cook the bacon, pour out the excess grea (MORE)