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What English songs are there on the album Scream from the band Tokio Hotel?

Here is the tracklist. On the left you have the English name of the songs, and on the right you have the German (original) names. Tracklist: 01. Scream - Schrei 02. Read

How To Insert Album Art In Mp3 Song?

  USING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11:     go to your library and look for the song(s) that you want to insert with an album art. simply drag the image from your harddri

Is there any software which is free and sorts out your itunes music i.e. works out what song it is by the song then does the name album artist and album art?

  You might want to try out TuneUp - its a great music software company that I work for. It automatically cleans your whole itunes library (song title, artist, album art,

Name of songs in beatles album please please you?

I Saw Her Standing There Misery Anna(Go To Him) Chains Boys Ask Me Why Please Please Me Love Me Do PS I Love You Baby It's You Do You Want To Know A Secret? A Taste Of Honey

What are some songs about art please answer project due at school?

  I know a song by Daniel E. Gawthrop, who writes choral arrangements. It's called "Sing Me To Heaven." It's definitely about art, or at least music. You could stretch thi

On what album is the song 'Please Tell Me Why' from Blink 182?

The song is actually called "My Own Worst Enemy" but 'Please Tell Me Why' is one of the lyrics. The song was originally done by a group called Lit on an album called Place in

How do you get the album art when you put songs from a CD into iTunes?

right click the album and select "get album artwork". If that doesn't work, go onto Google images, search the name of the album, find an image, select 'view full size' (you ne

How do you put album art work onto songs?

You go onto iTunes. Up in the top left area there's a file there it's one of the last ones, not "File" or "Edit" but near the end. Possibly second to last. My computer wont le

How can you remove album art from a song?

Windows: Start -> Folder Options -> View Check: Show hidden files, folders, and drives Ucheck: Hide protected operating system files Now all the album art will be visi

Can someone list all of The Blackout's rock albums and songs on each of them please?

The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout! (2006) I'm a Riot? You're A F*cking Riot (3:00) Hard Slammin (3:22) Murder in the Make-Believe Ballroom (3:20) It's High Tide B