It it possible to get early menopause in your mid-30s and if so what are the symptoms?

Absolutely! Many physicians denied this until recently, but us women know better so doctors are trying to understand this more. Considering the staggering amount of baby boome (MORE)
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What was the African-American-Jewish-American alliance in the mid 1950-early 1970's?

Many Jews in America were sympathetic to the African-Americanissues with segregation, seeing the Jim Crow laws as a parallel tothe legal discrimination and persecution in Euro (MORE)

Who were the running backs for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the early to mid 1960s?

1960: Tom Tracy, John Henry Johnson 1961: Tom Tracy, John Henry Johnson, Dick Hoak, Charlie Scales 1962: Tom Tracy, John Henry Johnson, Dick Hoak, Joe Womack 1963: John (MORE)