Which American vice president starts with A?

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Al Gore
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When did the president and the vice president start running on the same ticket?

The Twelfth Amendment, thanks to the election of 1800. The candidates for President and Vice-President cannot be from the same state, due to this Amendment: The Electors sha

Which American president was defeated by his vice president?

John Adams was the only one who suffered this indignity, In those days, the presidential candidate who finished second was made the vice president. Thomas Jefferson finished b
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Who was the vice president of C.S.A in American Civil War?

Alexander Hamilton Stephens (February 11, 1812 - March 4, 1833) was the Vice President of the Confederate States of America from before the start of the Civil War until abo
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When did you start voting on the president and vice president on one ticket?

Prior to the election of 1804, electors in the electoral college each voted for two persons but the votes were in general and not allocated to president and vice president: