Which Children learn faster deaf children or hearing children?

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Neither. Although there are always individual differences, there is no reason to believe that a deaf child would be either more or less intelligent than a hearing child. Studies have shown that when exposed to sign language during infancy deaf children go through all the same stages of language development at the same ages as hearing children.
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How many deaf children are homeschooled?

I don't believe that anyone knows how many children with hearing loss are being homeschooled. As far as I am aware, no study of homeschoolers has looked at this question. I ru

Do children learn faster and easier than adults?

No, in fact, Adults learn faster than children because we already have a knowledge of a vast amount of concepts, to which we can apply foreign words to. Ultimately as an adult

Who learns faster children or adults?

Adults. the belief that children learn faster is a myth that has been dis-proven on several occasions. Myself as well as many others I know have learned a language to fluency

Deaf Children of deaf parents have a better chance of academic success than deaf children of hearing parents?

\nin most cases children of deaf parents, whether they themselves are deaf or not, are more academiclly successful. This is because they develop true language much earlier in

How are blind and deaf children able to learn?

They are just as able to learn as anyone else. In some areas they learn to do more with less just to survive. Something most people do not know is there is a hierarchy within

Why do you think it is important for deaf children to learn sign language?

Sign language allows deaf children to communicate their thoughts, needs, and ideas to others. Sign language is the language of the deaf, just as Spanish is the language of His

What are four potential speech problems of children who are deaf or hard of hearing?

Children with hearing loss comprehend and produce shorter and simpler sentences than children with normal hearing. Children with hearing loss often have difficulty understand
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Were autistic children mistaken as deaf?

There were some cases children who reach a stage of autism havebeen mistaken by parents or teachers that they were deaf orhard-of-hearing. Most autistic individuals have sensi