Which Cosby Show alum went on to have his her own talk show?

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Tempestt Bledsoe
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Why did Lisa Bonet leave the Cosby Show?

Lisa was fired from The Cosby Show twice. She often had clasheswith Bill Cosby, creatively and because of her increasinglyunprofessional behaviour. Her behaviour also occasionally createdtension backstage for the younger Cosby Show kids. The first time she was fired was in 1987 at the urging of Cos (MORE)

How do you get your own talk show?

Who do you know? That's the question you want to ask. Get into the media industry, know the right people, then you're set.. How does an everyday person get into the field? Well, for the majority of us who aren't Hollywood actors and actresses; education is the viable option. Even if you work as a w (MORE)

Was there an episode where Phylicia Rashad did not play Claire on the Cosby Show?

i been watching this for like 4 years everyday...seen every epiosod twice and not once was Claire not Claire yes cliff was heathcliff and then he was cliff...then he was heathcliff again but never has Claire change always smart and pretty!!! i been watching this for like 4 years everyday...seen ev (MORE)

Why did the Cosby show never have a Christmas episode?

Actually, there *were* two Christmas episodes, sort of: "Getting to Know You" (originally aired 12/14/89) and "Clair's Place" (originally aired 12/12/91) both have Christmas as a backdrop, and include scenes related to the holiday. In the former, Cliff talks with Olivia about Santa Claus; in the (MORE)

Actors on the Cosby show?

Bill Cosby as Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable Phylicia Rashad (Phylicia ayers-allen before marriage) as Clair Olivia Hanks Huxtable Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable-Tibideaux Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable Kendall Malcom-Jamal Warner as Theodore "Theo" Huxtable Tempestt Bledsoe as Vanessa Huxtable (MORE)

Where was the Cosby show?

They lived at 10 Stigwood Avenue, Brooklyn Heights, New York. The show was filmed at Kaufman Astoria studios in Queens, New York.

What TV shows was Bill Cosby in?

Bill Cosby has starred in the following series: . I Spy (1965-68) . The Bill Cosby Show (1969-71) . The Electric Company (1971-73) . The New Bill Cosby Show (1972) . Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972-2012) . Cos (1976) . The Cosby Show (1984-92) . The Cosby Mysteries (1994-95) . Cosby (1 (MORE)

Who played Theo on the Cosby show?

His name is Malcolm-Jamal Warner. He has went on to star in other films and TV shows, most notably "Malcolm and Eddie" with Eddie Griffin.

How can i have my own show?

I would like to put my family's crazyness on t.v so everyone knows what I am dealing with on the day to day basics

How many Huxtables were in The Cosby Show?

Cliff & Claire Huxtable had 5 kids: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy. Sondra had twins: Nelson & Winnie. Cliff's parents also appeared on the show, as did his cousin Pam.

Which were the children on The Cosby Show?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner played "Theo" . Keshia Knight Pulliam played "Rudy" . Tempestt Bledsoe played "Vanessa" . Lisa Bonet played "Denise" . Sabrina Le Beauf played "Sandra" . Raven-Symone played "Olivia", Olivia was the Huxtable's step granddaughter and lived at the house in the later years of (MORE)

Who's Blazer jersey did Bill Cosby wear on the Cosby Show?

Ramon Ramos. He was signed by the Blazers at the beginning of the 1989 season, and six games after he came off of the list of injured players he got into a serious car accident that ended his career and debilitated him to this day. He wore number 18.

How did Oprah Winfrey start her own talk show?

In 1976 Oprah moved to Baltimore where she hosted the TV chat show People Are Talking. In 1986 Winfrey launched the TV show The Oprah Winfrey Show as a a nationally syndicated program.

What shows did Bill Cosby star in?

"I Spy" (1965-1968) "The Bill Cosby Show" (1969-1971) "The New Bill Cosby Show" (1972) "Fat Albert and the Cosby Show" (1972-1985) "Cos" (1976) "The Cosby Show" (1984-2014) "The Cosby Mysteries" (1994-1995) "Cosby" (1996-2014)

What time does The Cosby Show come on?

It comes on TV Land around 9 O'clock every night! I watch it all the time! If you've seen the 1st or 2nd episode you'll know what this means! WHO IT IS!

The names of the cast in Cosby show?

Heathcliff Huxtable : Bill Cosby Claire Huxtable: Phylicia Rashad Sondra:Sabrina Lebouef Denise: Lisa Bonet Theo:Malcolm Jamal Warner Vanessa:Tempestt Bledsoe Rudy:Keshia Knight Pulliam Elvin: Geoffrey Owens I'm not sure of Cliff's parent's names.

Who plays on the Cosby show?

Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashād, Sabrina Le Beauf, Geoffrey Owens, Lisa Bonet, Joseph Phillips, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Tempestt Bledsoe, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Raven-Symoné, and Erika Alexander all were actors/actresses on The Cosby Show.

What episode does vanessa get drunk on the Cosby show?

It's the the episode called "" I'm 'In' With the 'In' Crowd " " in Season 6, Episode 3. Summary: Vanessa and her friends get drunk playing a drinking game. Guest appearance by Bill Cosby's real-life daughter Ensa Cosby, upon whom the character Vanessa is loosely based..

Where is rudy from the Cosby show?

The actress who played Rudy on the Cosby Show is Keshia Knight Pulliam, who has most recently appeared on the TV show "House of Payne" as Miranda. See the related link for more details.

Why did Bill Cosby wear sweaters in the Bill Cosby show?

Often, the creators of a TV show will have the characters dress in a certain way. Of course, that does not mean the person who plays the role (in this case, Bill Cosby) dresses that way in real life. The creators of the Cosby Show wanted the character (Cliff Huxtable, a doctor) to look casual but pr (MORE)

What other shows besides the Cosby show did Bill Cosby play in?

His first major TV role was in "I Spy", a campy sort of spinoff of the original James Bond movie. There was a variety show called "The Cosby Show", before the family comedy series of the same name. After the retirement of The Cosby Show, there was a short-lived detective series (two seasons) call (MORE)

Where is the Cosby show house located at?

The address of the house on the show was at 10 Stickwood Ave in Brooklyn, Heights. However in real life it's located at 10 Leroy Street in "believe it or not" Manhatten, NY. .

When did season 1 of 'The Cosby Show' air?

The first season of The Cosby Show aired on September 20, 1984 and lasted until April 30, 1992. The Cosby show starred Comedian Bill Cosby and his daily struggles with his family.