Which European countries colonized Africa?

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Answers: France, Great Britain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Spain.
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Why did the Europeans colonize North Africa?

If you are talking about prehistoric movements of peoples, theopposite is true. The Amazigh tribes (or Berbers) were Celticpeoples from North Africa who migrated in the Neolithic period intoSpain and made their way to France (the Basques) and wanderedfurther North and a branch ended up in Southern I (MORE)

Why did europeans colonize Africa?

For there natural resources such as diamonds, gold, silver, coal, iron and copper John Thomson was the one who came to Africa. He can to Africa in1813.

Why did European countries colonize Africa?

They needed markets to sell their products and places to get the resources to make those products. Also, they felt that their race was superior and was supposed help the rest of the world along.

How did Europeans colonize Africa?

Well, when Europe decided to spread, Portugal went on a different route than the rest of Europe. Portugal ended up in Africa and found gold and salt. It quickly took over by controlling trade. It then set up colonies with all the supplies it needed.

What European countries colonized Asia?

Primarily Holland, Portugal and France; for example Vietnam was french territory until their defeat by the vietnemese at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 (leading to the start of the Vietnam war). Various islands in the pacific are still french and dutch territory (although most were transferred (MORE)

What European country colonized mali?

France. Between 1890 and 1960 the African country was part of French West Africa (Afrique occidentale française). Mali had the name French Sudan (Soudan français).

Why did European countries colonize on South Africa?

At first Cape Town was settled by the Dutch East India Company (VOIC) as a refreshment stop en route to India. The fertile land provided a perfect settlement for more Dutch who trekked to Cape Town later. Soon they began developing the region to form a little Dutch colony. The British saw Cape Town (MORE)

European countries that colonized?

The major players of Old and New Imperialism: Portugal - Azores/Mid-Atlantic islands, South America, Africa, India/ Indian Ocean Spain - Caribbean, North Africa, Pacific, Central, South, and parts of North America Germany - Africa, Pacific, then the Middle East and North Africa (under Hitler) (MORE)

What European country is Suriname's colonizer?

England and then the Netherlands are the European countries who became Suriname's colonizer. Specifically, the English established a settlement in Suriname as of 1630. Within twenty (20) years, they had taken over as their capital Paramaribo, a former Dutch trading post on the coast. But by the T (MORE)

What European countries colonized haiti?

The current Republic of Haiti is in the western part of the island called La Española. La Española was first colonized by the spaniards, but they were installed mainly in the eastern part of the island (the current Dominican Republic). Taking advantage of this fact, some french buccaneers sett (MORE)

Which European countries colonized South Africa?

South Africa was colonized in the main by people from Holland, Great Britain, and France.Holland and Britain set up governments and colonised actively. France only had influence through immigration of about 1000 of French Hugenots, religious refugees.

Why did European powers colonize Africa?

The best example of this was known as the 'Scramble for Africa'. There are several theories as to why it was colonised, the broadest which could apply to all of the 'Great Powers' is that Africa provided new markets for European goods and as well as that, also contained materials that the great powe (MORE)

What European country colonized Suriname?

The Netherlands colonized Suriname. The area was discovered by English, French and Spanish exporers in the 16th century. In the 17th century plantation colonies were established there by the Dutch and the English. The Dutch gained control of the area in 1667.

What European nation colonized Africa?

What European nations colonized Africa in the 1800's because of it's a. military location b. economic strength c. proximity to Europe d. resources and markets

What European countries colonized Burundi?

Burundi was originally colonized by Germany as part of German EastAfrica in the 1880s. After Germany was defeated in World War I, thearea now known as Burundi was ceded to Belgium.

What European country colonized Paraguay?

Spain, and also colonized argentina, chile, uraguay, colombia,ecuador, panama, bolivia, venezuela, dominican republic, peru, nicaragua, honduras, mexico, gutemala, el salvador, costa rica. All conqured in 1813.

What was the first European country to colonize in Africa?

The Portuguese planted the first maritime colonies in Africa. The Dutch planted the first settled colonies in Africa. A maritime colony is a port city and some surrounding territory, but it is not terribly expansive. (Hong Kong until 1999 would be a good example.) A settled colony is a more ty (MORE)

Which were caused by European colonization of Africa?

Problems with political instability in the 20th century The introduction of European languages to Africa . B .. The creation of extremely diverse African nations. C .. Nonnative languages becoming common throughout Africa.

Which european country did not colonize in America?

The Austrian Empire, the Prussian Empire, Poland, and the NorthernItalian principalities call refrained from colonizing territoriesin the Americas. In fact, the European countries that did colonizeonly included: UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, theNetherlands, and Russia.

Who were the European colonizers of Africa?

Mostly the British and the French colonized Africa. The French werelocated mostly in the North and West mainly the so-called GoldCoast countries, whereas the English colonized mostly East Africa,from Egypt to South Africa. Other colonizing countries were Belgium, which ended up 'owning'the Congo aft (MORE)

Why did European Countries colonize the Americas?

Even with the similarities of these two colonies, the English and Spanish colonies were established for completely different reasons. English colonies were first established by the Puritans in the 1630's who were seeking refuge, freedom of religion, and economic opportunity. Puritans believed that t (MORE)

Why did European countries colonize and explore?

European colonized and explored different pars of the world due to different reasons ..During the 15th European nation changed drastically from feudalism mode of production to capitalism mode of production .This transformation went together with different technological development .Forstance during (MORE)