Which US state is closest to Africa?

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3,161 miles roughly between Lubec, Maine to Bu Uachhein, Western Sahara
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What is the closest US State to Siberia?

The closest state to Siberia is the US State of Alaska." The Bering Strait seperates Siberia & the "Fairbanks" peninsula. When you look at the map of Siberia facing the Fairba

What US state is closest to Asia?

If you consider Russia an Asian country then Russia is the Asian country nearest Alaska. China would be the next closest Asian country. And if you consider Japan, a country n

Which state in the US is closest to Hawaii?

California. 2300-2400 miles- as the crow flies! Actually surprisingly the closest state to Hawai'i is Alaska! Hilo, HI to Lompoc, CA = 2358 miles Princeville, HI to Ki

What US states are closest to Minnesota?

North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin are the states closest to Minnestoa. On the west, Minnesota is bordered by North Dakota and South Dakota. On the East, Minnesot
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What us state is England closest to?

Because the British Isles (where England is located) are across the Atlantic Ocean from the USA, the easternmost states are closest. Though I do not know the exact measurement
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What is the closest US state to Canada?

Several US states border Canada - just look at the state namesalong the US/Canadian border. However I suppose Alaska is the mostisolated.