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Mental/Emotional, Physical, and sexual abuse all have very negative effects on a person and it depends on how you personally are able to deal with the type of abuse. Nobody reacts the same to every situation.
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Are some forms of abuse worse than others?

The answer to your question is subjective and depends upon your personal level of tolerance. However, abuse is always wrong and always damages its victims. All types of abuse cause emotional damage. The qualification of abuse depends upon the people involved. You have probably heard about women w (MORE)

What does the abuser get out of his abuse?

That depends on the form of the abuse. If he is sadistic - he gets gratification. If he is a control freak - control. If he is a narcissist - he avoids intimacy and secures narcissistic supply (some narcissistic love to be feared and hated). what it most likely looks to me is that he (MORE)

Can an astigmatism get worse?

Astigmatism is only a particular version of short or longsight, so it can get worse or better throughout life. Statistically astigmatism, for the population as a whole, getsworse through the growth years up to about 22 years of age, andthen slowly declines until it shows an tendency to increase afte (MORE)

What should you do if your husband's abusive behavior has gotten worse since he began treatment for his lymphoma?

Answer . You sound like a really wonderful person and you and your husband are in a difficult situation. So here goes...\n. \nHere is an excerpt from a lymphoma patient posted elsewhere on the web about his treatment:\n. \n"The chemo can cause anxiety, depression and insomnia for some people. I (MORE)

Why is wrestling getting worse and worse?

This question is not specific enough to focus on one type of wrestling nor one particular pro-wrestling organization. Also, saying that wrestling is getting "worse" is a matter of opinion, and personal observation rather than an established fact. If this question pertains to pro-wrestling, and there (MORE)

What should you do if your 16-year-old girlfriend is being physically abused by her dad and it's getting much worse but she doesn't want you to report him?

Answer . Talk to a counselor at school but do it confidentially. Let the teacher know that you don't want your name to be used. It needs to be reported.. Answer . \nIf you really give a concern about her talk to someone like an adult and someone you trust and explain to them whats happening a (MORE)

How can you help someone to understand that the more you resolve to not let the abuser get to you the worse the problem gets as the abuser will just become more and more intimidating until you submit?

Answer . \nAbusers are a crafty lot and usually keep their abusive behavior behind closed doors because they know they won't get away with it out in society. The victim is caught up in their web and an abuser can beat the heck out of a woman in a heartbeat, then a few hours to a day later come h (MORE)

Should people who write tell-all books about surviving abuse and getting away from their abusers exercise extreme caution as their abusers might make their lives even worse after reading the books?

Answer . \nAbusers come in all personalities, shapes and sizes. They can be meek and quiet, to fun-loving and loud. If you were to complain to family or friends that the person you live with is abusive often the family or friends will look at you as if you've lost your mind. The normal person (MORE)

What should you do if you know you need break free from your abuser but are afraid of making things worse?

Answer . \nWhen breaking away from an abuser, things are going to get worse before they get better. Abuse is all about control. And by leaving you are ending that control. He's not exactly going to like that. He might fall apart, cry and beg you back or he might get violent. First and foremos (MORE)

What should an abuse victim do if they feel their abuser will just make their life even worse if they attempt to leave?

Answer . Don't give up hon! There is help out there for you. I volunteer for a Women's Abuse Center, and when your abuser is at work, you leave with just a few things and go to the Abused Women's Center. They will ask you questions (don't be ashamed and don't be afraid to let it all hang out . (MORE)

What should a victim of abuse do if they feel that leaving their abuser or getting help could make their situation worse?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nAny help is better then none. If the person is ready to admit that they have a problem with anger it will help, but until they are ready to admit there is a problem, they will never get any better. Even if they are not ready to admit there is a problem counseling may help (MORE)

How exactly should a victim stop enabling an abuser so that she can make sure that she doesn't run the risk of making an already bad situation even worse?

Answer . You enable an abuser by putting up with their mind-bending verbal abuse or their physical abuse against you. Abusers seldom go for counseling because they honesty feel they are right (the woman and anything else on their property down to the family dog is theres and no one is going to t (MORE)

Why is an abuser degrading you in sex all the time and it is getting worse and he is always mad at you even when you are not having sex?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nAbusers control their victims (you are a victim!) You are their property to do as they wish with. They are deceitful, game-players and enjoy seeing their victim squirm. They love to suck all joy out of their victims and confuse them so that they can control them easier (MORE)

Was your abuser really that bad if you feel worse without him?

Answer . \nAbusers are bad. Period. It is common for someone who has been abused to feel lonely when the abuser becomes absent, but it is because of the stress of change. If you feel yourself running back to your abuser, get help. The situation will only escalate otherwise.

What should you do when you have been with a guy for a year now and the verbal abuse is getting worse and he says it is just fun but it is at your expense?

Where Verbal Abuse Leads . I think the key words here are "getting worse," "fun," and "my expense." First of all, since when is it ever fun to abuse someone verbally? Believe me, that is a problem caused by the way he views himself, some inner conflict, or other problem that HE HAS. I doubt tha (MORE)

If verbal abuse is getting worse since the third marriage can a family member step in without social services getting involved or would it be better to start taking foster parent training?

It is always admirable for any person who believes a child is being abused to take steps to correct the situation.. However, 'stepping in' to such a stituation is most definitely not advisable as such actions regardless of how well meaning sometimes create a more hostile environment for all the par (MORE)

What does an abuser get out of abuse?

Abusers get a feeling of power and control by means of the abuse tactics they've employed. They also, usually, get their way on whatever question is going on at the moment. These things come at a price paid by those they abuse and themselves.

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Well all drug are bad for you, but in the world with the most addictions and killings would be meth,harion,and cocaine. I rather see people die from pot over the years.

Can synesthesia get worse?

No, it isn't a disease, it's just the way your brain is wired. It isn't unpleasent either, so there is nothing bad about it.

What does worse means?

\nWorse is a comparison term that means not as good as or lesser than.\n. \nIf Sue did worse than Rob on the test, we know that Sue got a lower score.

What do you do if your abused?

well say if its a family member or husband or boyfriend then you have to ask yourself what your still doing with them

What is the worse Pokemon?

Magikarp as it only has the move Splash up until level 15 where it learns tackle, However it's evolved form Gyarados is really powerful.

Is verbal abuse worse than physical abuse?

They can both be bad.Its like chewing tobacco and smoking tabcco, They both cause cancer one just does it quicker and in a different part of the body.Death can occur from either abuse, physical abuse just causes it faster.

Hello you have been married for about three years your problems with your husband just do not tone down if fact they seem worse he just now started more often calling me names and verbaly abusive?

Do you really want to live your life like that with things prrogressively getting worse and you progressively getting weakened by his abuse?. Tell him that you won't put up this disrespect anymore and the next time he calls you a bad name or verbally abuses you, you leave him. What other option is (MORE)

Will your encephalomalacia get worse?

I am a 48 year old female. As a child I suffered a depressed skull fracture . The fracture is on the front left lobe. I had alot of trouble in school through my years. I have a seizure dissorder. I am on meds for that, as well as bipolar, and meds for my depression , seraquel for sleep at night. I h (MORE)

Why is animal abuse worse than women?

Because animals are defenseless and very literally do not have a voice to alert anyone of authority. Its the same as abusing a child. They kind of depend and look up to the abuser as their caretaker, food source, shelter source and "love." Its a lot harder for animals (and children alike) to escape (MORE)

How do you get out of abuse?

You need to tell a parent, teacher, or counciler. You can call the police or the national sexual assualt hotline, wich is 1.800.656.4673. I know it will probably be hard, but its worth it. I've been through it. =)

Can epilepsy be worse?

RESEARCH PAPERS ON EPILEPSY AND MORTALITY RATES http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1528-1157.1974.tb04941.x/abstract . Epilepsy and Mortality Rate and Cause of Death . Janusz J. Zielihski Article first published online: 5 NOV 2007 DOI: 10.1111/j.1528-1157.1974.tb04941.x. Issue. Ep (MORE)

What you you do if leaving an abuseive relationship just makes it worse?

It becomes a question of a decision between the lesser of two evils. You have to choose which one is worse in the long run. If you stay in an abusive relationship you die internally, until there's no more YOU or until you are broken. Then you become a robot with no real emotions or the ability to de (MORE)

Why do they get abused?

Usually its because the abuser sees them as weak or even just as anobject not as a person. Also because they have some sort of trustwith the person or because they don't know them at all. But nomatter what or who the abuser is they shouldn't be doing it at all.And for the person getting abused or ha (MORE)

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I live in Canada, and the airlines are ALL bad. The only thing they spend money on is advertising how good they are. The worst is Air Canada, followed closely by Westjet, and Air Transat. 30 years ago I flew a lot for work, and the airlines in Canada and the US, were a joy to be on. Now its an ordea (MORE)

How can hearing get worse?

if you listen to a lot of high pitch sounds you will not be able to hear as good as an average person so say if u wer a dj and played a lot of high sounds every night ur hearing will get worse every night u do a gig

Can abused children do well in school. where can more info be gotten. I know abused children tend to do worse but no info on if they can do well and what the odds of this is?

While unabused kids do well in school most emotionally abused people do not, what happens is when there insulted by someone they trusted "parents' and they keep putting them down and drowning all there self esteem it triggers something in there brain tissue and makes there stress hormones of the roo (MORE)

How do you spell worsed?

The spelling of the superlative of bad is worst (the different term baddest is slang). The food, any of a number of types of sausage, is spelled wurst . The past tense of the verb to worsen is worsened (became worse).

Why does an abuser abuse?

- Jealousy , Control Issues , They See Themselves As The Victim They Just Want To Control Something That They Know They Can Control .

Why you do abuse?

Becaue sister is on phsy meds and abused me to get me out of her house

What is the abuse?

abuse is where you get hit by someone bigger then you and yopu are to scared to speak out about it

Oposite of worse?

better. worse is a form of bad: bad, worse , worst better is a form of good: good, better , best