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Which agricultural product from newzealand is exported to japan?

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What are the leading agricultural exports of the Philippines?

based on my copy paste research, here it is XD Commodity 1994 Compared to 1985 / Volume Value Volume Value / Coconut, oil crude and refined 848.8 475.2 650.6

Where does South Africa export agricultural products to?

China, United states, The European union and The United Kingdom and South America. However, with the recent recession in Europe, South Africa began exporting fruits to Thailan

What are agricultural products?

Agriculture is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel, drugs and other products used to sustain and enhance human life. Ag

What does Japan export?

Japan offers a great deal of electronics it is true but they also export many things like cars, building machinery and precious metals   it exports cars, computers, foo

Major import and export products of japan?

  •Top 10 Imports (Japan from world) crude oil, textile articles, electronic components, computers, LNG, fishes and shells, audio and visual apparatus, nonferrous metals

What is the agriculture in Japan?

Japan's main form of agriculture is intensive subsistence. This includes Wet Rice Dominant, rice grown in nursery and moved into a wet land (swamp or "paddy" as we incorrectly

What are the major products and exports of Japan?

They are cars, computers, planes, and any other transport equipment. They absolutely have no aircraft being exported from Japan. Cars and small trucks are as are machine too

What are the Mexican agriculture exports?

Those would include fruits, meats, processed foods, vegetables, coffee and cotton.