Which ancient language was first spoken on earth?

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The Adamaic Language. Known as a pure language that Adam and Eve spoke communicating with G-d.


The previous answer has no scientific validity. The current linguistic theory identifies the first human language as Proto-World, or Proto-Human, and may have been spokean as far back as 200,000 years ago.
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What languages were spoken in ancient India?

Sanskrit and other dravidian language. Sanskrit was introduced byAryans who invaded India around the year 1 CE, so technically itwas an European language. The south somehow wa

What languages were spoken in ancient Scotland?

The celtic language of Scotland is Gaelic, or Gàidhlig. Along with Irish and Manx ( from the Isle of Man) it is part of the Goidelic branch of celtic languages. Whereas

What languages were spoken in ancient Baghdad?

Baghdad was founded in the eighth century by the Abbbasid Caliphs. It was from its foundation an Islamic city, in an area where both Arabic and Persian were spoken. The name i

What languages were spoken in ancient mesopotamia?

THe languages of Mesopotamia have been: . Akkadian . Eblaite . Elamite . Phoenician . Semilic . Sumerian They used a form of writing called "cuneiform" which i

What language was spoken in Ancient Ireland?

The main language now is English, which has taken over from Irish,although Irish is still spoken. The answer you may be looking foris Irish, but there have been people in Irel

What is the first spoken language on earth?

The first language ever spoken was sumerian. Mesopotamia was the first civilization ever to speak and use hieroglyphics. Answer: The previous answer has no scientific valid

What languages were spoken in ancient Egypt?

Primarily the Pre-Coptic dialect of the Egyptian language. They spoke a language that today we call "Egyptian", though it musthave had a different name in ancient times. It'

What languages were spoken in ancient Greece?

Being Greek meant that you spoke Greek. There were several dialectsused by the different peoples who made up the Greek world - mainlyAeolic, Doric and Ionian, but it became ba

What languages were spoken in Ancient Persia?

The language of the modern Persians is Farsi, with many dialectswithin Iran along with Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Sometimes otherIranian/Iranic languages of this region are i

What were the first four ancient languages spoken?

It is impossible to know because writing developed thousands of years after spoken language. We only have a record of the last 3,000 or 4,000 years but humans (homo sapiens) h
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What languages were spoken by the ancient Israelites?

Hebrew, until the late 1st Millennium BCE, when Aramaic (introducedby Persia) and and Greek.(by Alexander) became common. Hebrewbecame a ceremonial language used in daily pray
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What languages were spoken in ancient Sumer?

The Sumerians spoke a language we now call Sumerian, but which they themselves referred to as eme- ĝir . The word eme means tongue, and ĝir has been variously tran