Which are preventive measures of road accidents?

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I would say NOT driving is the only preventative measure.
Anyone can get into an accident, but most of the time they are really called, "on purposes".
You purposely checked your text message.
You purposely turned left in front of that oncoming car.
You purposely were distracted by something that caused the 'accident' so please, Pay Attention to your driving.
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How do you prevent accidents on the road?

I say that to avoid accidents on the road everyone should just follow the laws and traffic lights. If you break the rules you will receive consequences such as getting injured

What are the preventive measures to road accident?

Some of the Preventive Measures are : Avoiding alcohol before driving prevents road traffic accidents. The use of remediation therapy for drink driving offenders will reduce

What are the precautionary measures that should be observed at home to prevent accidents?

The following are guidelines to help prevent falling accidents: . Stairways should have secure banisters or handrails on both sides going from top to bottom.. All stairways

How can you prevent road accidents?

Keep your vehicle in good shape, tires, brakes, mirrors, windows, lights. Drive defensively, maintain distance and obey speed limits. If conditions are poor, rain, wind, snow,

How control measures are used to prevent accidents?

A risk assessment is nothing more than a careful examination ofwhat, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you canweigh up whether you have taken enough precaution

What are the measures to prevent fire accidents?

The measures to be adopted to prevent fire accidents are of paramount importance. There is a familiar proverb in English "Prevention is better than cure". Though fire fighting
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What are the different types of automobile safety devices to prevent road accidents?

An incomplete list ordered roughly in order of introduction: \n \n. Brakes \n. Required flag person walking in front of automobile carrying a flag during the day and a light
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How can road accidents be prevented?

By being more attentive while driving and following the rules of the road and not yielding the right-of-way because you feel like being nice. The rules are in place for a reas
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Where can one learn about road safety to prevent bike accidents?

One can learn about road and bicycle safety by visiting their local library. There are many books and resources available about the subject to be read. One could also talk to
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What preventive measures can you suggest to minimize accidents?

The best way to avoid or minimize accidents is to take preventative measures. Follow directions on products carefully, follow all safety guidelines on products, and avoid cons