Which are the top 10 textile universities in the world?

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1.North Carolina State University(USA)
2.University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)
3.Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
4.The University of Bolton (UK)
5.University of Manchester(UK)
6.University of leeds(UK)
7.Dresden University of Technology and RWTH Aachen University.(Germany)
8.De Montfort University(UK)
9.Loughborough University(UK)
10.University Of Bolton
11.Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
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What are the Top 10 Universities?

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES These are the top 10 universities in the world 1. Harvard, US 2. Oxford UK England 3. Cambridge UK England 4. Princeton, US 5. Stanford, US 6. Massachusetts Inst Tech, US 7. California Inst Tech, US 8. University of California, Berkeley, US 9. Columbia, US 10. Chica (MORE)

Top 5 University in World?

Answer . Not in this order.Harvard,UC Berkley Yale ,Cambridege University Magille University are my five . Jahangirnagar University .

What are the top 10 universities in the US?

1- Harvard University 2-Princeton University 3-Yale University 4- Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5- Stanford University 6- California Institute of Technology 7- University of Pennsylvania 8- Columbia University 9- University of Chicago any question please visit this website worksheet for edu (MORE)

Top 10 economists of the world?

1. Adam smith 2. John maynard keynes 3. Karl marx 4. Milton Friedman 5. Joseph Stiglitz 6. David ricardo 7. Thomas Malthus 8. Joan Robinson 9. Alfred Marshall 10. Lenin This is perhaps the worst crafted and most disingenuous list of top ten economists I have ever seen. There are (MORE)

What are the top 10 universities of Pakistan?

FOR BUISNESS by hec paris 1 lahore university of managment and sciences Lums 2 Institute of buisness administration iba karachi 3 Lahore school of economics 4 shaheed zulfiqar ali bhutto institute if sci and tec 5 iqra univesrsity karachi 6 institute of buisness managment iba karachi 7 University (MORE)

Top 10 universities in the world?

Here is the list of the top 10 universities (USA dominates the list!): 1.Stanford University (USA) 2.Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA) 3.University of California, Berkeley (USA) 4.Universidad Naciaonal Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico) 5.Michigan State University (USA) 6.Indiana University (USA (MORE)

Top 10 universities in Africa?

1 University of Cape Town. South Africa. 2 University of Pretoria. South Africa. 3 Universiteit Stellenbosch. South Africa. 4 University of the Witwatersrand. South Africa. 5 The American University in Cairo. Egypt. 6 University of KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa. 7 Rhodes University. (MORE)

What are the top 10 oldest universities in the Philippines?

The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, founded in1611, is not only the oldest University but also the oldest Schoolin Asia. The Claim that the University of San Carlos traces its roots to theColegio de San Ildefonso (1595) is invalid since their is no clearlink between the two. After (MORE)

Top 10 private university in Bangladesh?

1. Daffodil International University (DIU) 2. Brack University(BU) 3. North South University ( NSU) 4. American International University ( AIUB) 5. East West University (EWU) 6. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology(AUST) 7. United International University (UIU) 8. Independen (MORE)

Top 10 universities of the Philippines?

Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) 1. University of the Philippines (Diliman, Quezon City) 2. Ateneo de Manila University (Manila) 3. University of Santo Tomas (older than Harvard University) 4. De La Salle University (Manila) 5. Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of technology (MORE)

Which are the top ranked universities in the world?

THE - QS World University Rankings 2009 - top universities 2009 rank School Name Country . 1. HARVARD University . United States . 2. University of CAMBRIDGE . United Kingdom . 3. YALE University . United States . 4. UCL (University College London) . United Kingd (MORE)

Top 10 armies in the world?

1.U.S.A 2.China 3.India 4.Russia 5.Israel 6.North Korea 7.France 8.United Kingdom 9.Germany 10.Canada 1. U.S.A. 2. China 3. Russia 4. India 5. U.K. 6. France 7. Germany 8. Brazil 9. Japan 10. Turkey

Top 10 UK university in psychology?

http://www.professional-cv-writingservices.co.uk/university-ranking/uk-university-ranking-psychology.html . 1) Cambridge . 2) Oxford . 3) University College London . 4) Bristol . 5) St Andrews . 6) Nottingham . 7) Bath . 8) York . 9) Cardiff . 10) Durham

Top 10 navies of the world?

Here are the top ten navies of the world- 1.US navy 2.Russian navy 3.Indian navy 4.British navy 5.French navy 6.Chinese navy 7.Japanese navy 8.Brazillian navy 9.Argentine navy 10.Australian navy

Which are the top 10 universities in the Philippines?

1) University of the Philippines- Diliman 2) Ateneo De Manila University 3) De La Salle University- Manila 4) University of the Philippines- Los Banos 5) University of Sto. Thomas- Manila 6) Adamson University- Manila 7) Ateneo De Davao University 8) St. Louis University 9) Siliman U (MORE)

Top 10 retail textile companies?

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Frnds, . Ppl pleeaase help me out... jUst tell me the names of the Retail Textile Companies who are doing their business online..... Plz help me out...

Top 10 private universities in Ghana?

1. Regent University College of Science and Technology 2. Ashesi University 3. Ghana Telecoms University 4. Valley View University 5. Central University 6. Methodist University 7. Wisconsin University 8. Catholic University 9. Zenith University 10. Pentecost University

What are the top 10 names in the world?

Australia . Girls' names . Lily . Ruby . Charlottetied with . Chloe . Sophie . Olivia . Isabella . Mia . Emily . Ava . Boys' names . Jack . Cooper . Oliver . Noah . Thomas . Lucas . Lachlan . William . Jackson . Charlie . Brazil . (MORE)

Top 10 universities Scotland?

1) St Andrews University 2) Glasgow University 3) Edinburgh University 4) Herriot-Watt University 5) Strathclyde University 6) Dundee University 7) Stirling University 8) Aberdeen University 9) Robert Gordon University 10) Glasgow Calidonian University That's what it is on pap (MORE)

What are the top 10 agriculture universities in the Philippines?

Not in any special order (since each university has their own strengths). Not only have I heard good things (great curriculum, faculty and support, student training and development, access to resources, work ethic/performance of graduates), I've actually met and worked with some of the graduates fr (MORE)

What are Top 10 Universities in US?

This Is The List of The Top 10 Universities In England. . Harvard . Princeton . Yale . MIT . Stanford . California Institute of Technology . University of Pennsylvania . Columbia University . Duke University . University of Chicago Hope This Helped You :D

What are the top 10 religions of the world?

Religion Members Percentage . Christianity . 2.1 billion. 33.0%. Islam . 1.5 billion. 21. Hinduism . 900 million. 14. Buddhism . 376 million. 6. Sikhism . 23 million. 0.36. Judaism . 14 million. 0.22. Bahai . 7 million. 0.1. Confucianism . 6.3 million. 0.1. Jainism . 4. (MORE)

Top 10 private universities in nigeria?

1]madonna university 2]madonna university 3]madonna university 4]madonna university 5]madonna university 6]madonna university 7]madonna university 8]madonna university 9]madonna university 10]bowen university

Which is the worlds top most university?

Of course you are going to have thousands of rankings with the top 5 varying a bit, but the one university that most often takes the top spot is Cambridge University. Not only is it one of the eldest, but it matches its prestigious history with continued excellence in education and marks. Overall, C (MORE)

Top 10 engineering universities of Karachi?

There are 61 universities in Karachi, Pakistan. The top tenengineering universities are Dawood University of Engineering andTechnology, NED University of Engineering and Technology, PakistanNavy Engineering College, Indus University, Institute Of BusinessManagement, Iqra University, Sir Syed Univers (MORE)

Top 10 goalkeepers in the world?


What are top 10 MBA universities in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, ranking of universities is determined by the HEC. The business schools are listed under the Business/ IT category. The complete ranking list is available at the following site: http://www.paked.net/higher_education/hec_university_rankings.htm

What are top 25 universities of the world?

THE - QS World University Rankings 2009 - top universities 2009 rank School Name Country . 1. HARVARD University . United States . 2. University of CAMBRIDGE . United Kingdom . 3. YALE University . United States . 4. UCL (University College London) . United Kingd (MORE)

What is the Top 10 of Worlds Guitarists?

1. slash 2. jimi Hendrix, the jimi Hendrix experience 3. jimmy page, led zeppelin 4. synyster gates, avenged sevenfold 5. kerk hammett, metallica 6. tariqh akoni 7. Eddie van halen, van halen 8. buckethead 9. prince 10. neal schon, journey

Top 10 IT personalities of the world?

Hamilton Ratshefola - CEO and co-founder of Cornastone Consulting * James Grcic - MD of Computer Storage Services Africa * Melusi Zwane - previous headmaster of Myeka High School * Mirriam Zwane - co-owner and director of Praxis Computing * Dr Ntsika Msimang - head of the Meraka Institute's (MORE)

Top 10 footballers in the world?

1/ Lionel Messi 2/ Cristiano Ronaldo 3/ Andres Iniesta 4/ Steven Gerrard 5/ Xavi 6/ Wayne Rooney 7/ Didier Drogba 8/ Wesley Snieder 9/ Luis Suarez 10/ David Villa

Who is the top 10 university in the Philippines?

1. Ateneo de manila 2. Ateneo de naga 3. Ateneo de davao 4. University of the philippines 5. De la salle university 6. Far eastern university 7. University of santo tomas 8. University of baguio 9. Siliman university 10.university of the east

Top 10 famous university in the Philippines?

Rankings are based on a Survey on how a Student wishes to enter Based on Carreer choices. 1. University of The Philippines - Famous for Arts & Sciences 2.Ateneo de manila University - Famous for Variety of Courses and Standard. 3.De La Salle University - Famous For Business Courses 4. (MORE)

What are the top 10 universities in Ontario?

1. University of Toronto. 2. Queen's University. 3. University of Western Ontario. 4. Mcmaster University. 5. Waterloo University. 6. York University. 7. University of Ottawa. 8. Carleton University. 9. Guelph Univesrity. 10. Ryerson University.

Who are the top 10 batsman in the world?

1. Sir Don Bradman 2. Brain Lara 3. Sachin Tendulker 4. Alan Border 5. Sunil Gavaskar 6. Steve Waugh 7. Sir Garfield St Auburn Sobers 8. Viv Richards 9. Wally Hammond 10. Martin Crowe

What are the Top 10 universities in the Philippines in 2010?

1. University of the Philippines (Diliman) 2. Ateneo de Manila University (Manila) 3. University of Santo Tomas (older than Harvard University) 4. De La Salle University (Manila) 5. Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology (Iligan City /Mindanao) 6. Xavier University (Manila) 7. Po (MORE)

10 top models in the world?

Gisele Tyra Naomi Campbell Cindy Crawford Linda Evangelista Alessandra Ambrosio Heidi Klum Kate Moss Adriana Lima Christie Brinkley

What is the top 10 engineering university in Bangladesh?

Actually there is no such Ranking among the Universities in Bangladesh. But here is a list of 10 universities, measured roughly-- BUET IUT SUST KUET MIST RUET CUET DUET AIUB AUST Based on Campus, Faculty, quality of the student body, other facilities and recent alumni positio (MORE)

Which are the top 10 beyblades in the world?

The top 10 Beyblades in the world are Galaxy Pegasis, HadesKerbecs, Meteo L Drago, Diablo Nemesis, Phantom Orion, GravityPerseus,Earth Eagle,Basalt Horogium,Lightning L-Drago 100HF(limited) and Big Bang Pegasus.

Which are the top 10 universities in the us?

1. Stanford university 2. Pomona college 3. Princeton university 4.Yale university 5. Columbia university 6. Swarthmore college 7.United States military college 8. Harvard university 9. Williamscollege 10. Massachusetts institute of technology These are the topten colleges in the United States.