Which cast belong Samal in orissa?

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In Orissa
Not OBC, but treated as GENERAL Caste. SAMAL caste belongs to Kshyatriya (in Mahabharat time)
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Is samal cast is from magar community?

Samal are magar Most advanced and educated sub cast in magar community. Dr.Chandra samal an anthropologist from Sikkim, Dr.Bhim kumar samal economist, Dr. L.B. samal from Nepal.

Which caste does Verma belongs to?

Verma (Hindi: वर्मा) surname originally belongs to the Kshatriyas. The meaning of this word is "shield" or "protection" and it was a surname for warriors. -------------------- References: 1. Dasa, Syamasundara (1965-1975). Hindi sabdasagara. Nagari Pracarini Sabha. (MORE)

To which caste does sirname KATTA belong?

Katta sur name belongs to Kapu caste(Balija Naidu/Telaga/Ontari) and Godavari districts'Setti Balija caste of Andhra Pradesh . it also belongs to the great kamma community

Where is Orissa?

Orissa is in the Eastern Part of India, Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh, West Bengal and Bay of Bengal.

What caste Sakshi rawat belongs to?

Rawat caste basically The Rajput Clans belongs to The Suryavanshi Rajput these caste basically found at Rajasthan , U.P , Uttarakhand , Himachal Pradesh. Rawat Rajputs are believed to be descendants of Chauhans. Some historians believe the Rawat Rajputs are direct descendants of Prithviraj III's bro (MORE)

What cast do Kankanampati belong to?

Kamma .. They hail from Guntur Palnadu area, primarily from Narsaraopet. From the history they took Oath "Kankanam" to protect the people of Palnad area from oppressors during various wars.

Which caste do korukonda belong to?

'Koru konda' is the name of a village. People who originate from this place use it as sir name. It does not signify any particular caste.

What gotra caste roy belongs to?

ray means(kapu naidu) caste mainly in rayalaseema (the greattelugu king srikrishnadevaRAYA . )is belong kapu balija caste the ray (kapu balija.s)

What caste rao belongs to?

rao is just a surname. it is used in west and southern part of India. in gujerat rao is brahmin, in Pakistan and Indonesia rao normally Muslim. this surname also used in Italy and Brazil . there is a famous Italian restaurant called 'rao' in United States

Which caste does sonawane belong to?

In Dhule, Nashik & Jalgaon and rest of Maharashtra, there areso may castes which have surname Sonawane, include Maratha, Koli,Mali, Teli, scheduled tribes, sutar etc.. but Largest community isMaratha Patil who holds this surname.

Which caste does surname Bathula belongs to?

The Surname "BATTULA" or BATHULA has it traces all arround theworld.From South India,State of Andhra Pradesh to Africa.ThisSurname is spread in all Caste's of the south Indian state ofAndhra Pradesh.Pre-Dominantly form the Caste "KAPU" to some othercastes.The Origin of the word is from the word "Bat (MORE)

Does Mehta belongs to scheduled caste?

Mehta is a Title, ie. Honor Given by British to people for their distinguished services.In some part of our country (Gujrat, Maharashtra, Bihar, W.B)they comes under Brahmin Caste.some Mehta may be Recognised as Kushwaha also in some part of our country.

Which caste surname bhadra belongs?

It varies.....they may belongs to from OBC to higher caste like Kayastha(Second to Brahmin).It will be better to determine from person to person perspective.

What caste system did Gandhi belong to?

The middle class caste.Gandhi belonged to the Vaishya - the third or commercial and business caste. This caste of people were skilled workers, including farmers, herdsmen, traders, merchents, etc...

Ajay devgan belongs to which caste?

He is a Saraswat Brahmin from Punjab region. Devgans are all Brahmins, there is a small Ramgharia Sikh BC community that uses the surname,but Ajay Devgan is Punjabi Brahmin for sure.

Which cast ms dhoni belong?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni of Indian cricket team captain basically belongs to District Almora of Uttarakhand State of Union of India. Basically He is of Rajput community migrated from Rajasthan under mughal era.

Which cast Munaf Patel belong?

As the name indicates, Patels. There are Muslim Patels (converts from Hinduism) and Hindu Patels. Patel means a village chief.

Shetty surname belongs to which caste?

Shetty belongs to Bunt caste (Kshatriya/Brahmins caste). Thesurname originates from coastal Karnataka in India. The word'Bunt', means Strong man or solider; the word 'Shetty' means headof a mercantile in Sanskrit.

Which cast phull belongs to?

Phull/Phul/Phool is one of the most uncommon surnames in punjab.... people of this surname are punjabi khatris .The Khatris are a north Indian community that originated in the Potwar Plateau of Punjab. There might even be a few jatt or tarkhan tribes which share this surname. They are the d (MORE)

Which caste does the surname 'Mandal' belongs to?

The surname 'Mandal' have castes like Kshatriya, Kayastas, different divisions in it having gotras like Shadilya, Kashyap, Madhuguliya, etc. Some other castes are: . Sadgope Kshatriya . Poundra Kshatriya . Ugrah Kshatriya . Rajvanshi Kshatriya However, in Bengal this surname is present in (MORE)

Which caste does actor dhanush belong to?

His father and mother belongs to Theni district in tamil nadu. Theybelongs to Paraiyar caste which comes under Scheduled caste in theplace allikulam Theni district.

Are bisht belong to schedule caste?

I surprise to see your question. Bisht is a tiltle of noble rajputs in garhwal & kumon region. Bishts are belong to the royal families of rajputs. So I suggest next time you should not ask such type of stupid question. Also you should check about your cast

Which shedule caste gaikwad belongs?

gaikwad are mostly marathas,can be in other caste also.indian constitution allows any person to keep any surname as he wishs irrespective of any caste

Is matharu cast belong to scheduled caste?

Matharu or Matharoo (ਮਠਾੜੂ in Gurmukhī script) is a prominent Sikh clan belonging to the Ramgarhia and Jatt tribe. Sir Denzil Ibbetson counted the Matharus as one of the major Tarkhan tribes of the Punjab and the Northwest Frontier Province, centred in Amritsar, Jalandh (MORE)

Which caste kalal belongs to?

History is silent about the caste of Kalal's(distillers).They were Hindu,s basically and in Hinduism alcohol drinking was considered as sin and this class of Hindus were wine makers that 's why they were not considered a good community and were levelled as criminals due to social and religious reaso (MORE)

Which caste does the murthy surname belong to?

Murthy is a surname originating from the Indian state of Karnataka.It is found amongst Hindus (usually Brahmins). Variations of thisname/surname is also found in the neighbouring states.

Which cast Rastogi belongs?

Rastogi's ,rustagi's,rohathgi's are kshtriya's( Suryvanshadynasty) & clan of maharaja harishchandra named aftermaharaja harishchandra's son rohitshva- name is derived from Rohtas ( rohit meaningsun, aas meaningvansha).

What caste does the surname ranade belong?

Ranade is a Kokanastha (Chitpavan) Brahmin surname. Ranades originate from the village of Asud in the Dapoli taluka of the Ratnagiri district. It is an old and illustrious surname.

What caste do dhall belongs to?

Dhall belongs to the Khatri caste, meaning kshatriya in punjabi. Check wikipedia page for more details and history of khatris. Also called aryans or arya samajis.

Chaudhary belongs to which caste in bihar?

chaudhary belongs to haryanwi rajput....which are brough bu sikhs 10 th guru gobind singh....but in 1952 they are announced as sc by indian government.....however they are indian rajput....and they do not belong to sc.

Is debnath belongs to scheduled caste?

Originally, Debnath probably used for people involved in priestly profession for people of Nath religion. The similarity can be traced in Buddhist also, where the intellectuals and priestly people were honored as "Debsarmana" or popularly as "Debsarma" or "Devsharma". At a later date the descendant (MORE)

Does osahan belong to schedule caste?

Osahan caste is a Jatt caste and also Ramgharia in some cases. It is actually "Saan" and throughout the years pronounciation and spelling changed to Osan OR Osahan. JATT caste derivative of Saan from Amritsar.

Which caste does the surname 'Rokade' belongs to?

ROKADE surname belongs coastal part of (North karnataka),Mangalore,Belguam, and Maharashtra. The community is Vysya Vani - Hindu. These people speak Konkani and Marathi. By Vishnu prasad Rokade.Journalist.

What caste of jhamb belong to?

"jhamb" caste belongs to "punjabi khatri" clan a part of "arora" clans of "khatri / kshatriya. The "jhambs" were mainly found in "nwfp" province of undivided punjab of united india.

Does vaddera caste belongs to kshtriyas?

vaddera caste belonged to suryavamsi or sun clan kshatriya kings vaddera or vadderajulu or vadiyarajulu from orissa oriyan kings, vaddera rajulu or orissa (Gajapathi rajulu). vaddera rajulu godess ankamma Simbol is Gandaberunda and godess is Ankamma. vaddera caste belongs to suryavamsi or sun cla (MORE)

Does bhatraju caste belongs to kshtriyas?

Yes. Bhatrajus claim decent from the Khastriyas primarily originating from the state of Uttarakhand. Another theory relates them to the Bhatti clan from Northern India.

Which caste surname mudgal belong to?

Surname Mudgal belongs to Gaur Brahmins.They are decendents ofMudgal Rishi, who was Lord Ganesha's teacher & wrote one of theupnishads.There is a town called Mudgal in Karnataka, which isbelieved to to be origin of Mudgal brahmins though they can befound in Rajasthan, Haryana, UP,MP and some other s (MORE)