Which cell organelle digests food and waste material within the cell?

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Which cell organelle digests food and waste material within the cell?
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What organelle stores material within the cell?

the organelle that stores material within the cell is the vacuole. the vacuole stores things such as food, waste, etc. it is also known as the 'storage area'.
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What organelle stores water food and wastes and provides support for the plant cell when full?

The central vacuole, an organelle that a plant cell has that an animal cell doesn't have, stores food, water, and wastes. The central vacuole also supports the plant cell's st (MORE)

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What stores food water and wastes materials for the cell?

What stores supplements in Animal cells are tiny orginelles called vacuoles(pardon if I misspelled)the vacuoles act as storage houses for the foods you eat and later on is use (MORE)

Where are organelles located within the cells?

Plant Cell - Cell Wall Cell MembraneVacuoleChloroplastMitochondriaGolgi BodiesRibosomesLysosomesEndoplasmic Reticulum (Rough ans Smooth)Nucleus (Consists of Nucleolus and Chr (MORE)