Which city has the most restaurants per capita in North America?

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San Francisco.
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What country has the most alcoholics per capita?

For now, Louxembourg. :) I'll have a pretty good guess that it is Russia Do you mean Luxembourg? Which is on of the smallest countries in Europe? Not a part of Russia at all. According to the most recent data from the World Health Organization, the Republic of Moldova (located between Romania an (MORE)

Which US city has the highest per capita consumption of coffee?

Many people would say Seattle, Washington, where both the Starbucks and Seattle's Best coffeehouse chains started. There are also a number of artesianial coffee roasters in the city.. Lots of very strong coffee is also consumed in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana.. Surprisingly, Chicago le (MORE)

Which city has the most millionaires per capita?

As of July 2014, the most millionaires per capita can be found inthe city-state of Monaco, where close to 1 in 3 people aremillionaires. The city with the second most millionaires per capitais Zurich. Switzerland, and the city with the third most is Geneva,Switzerland.

What city has the most bars per capita?

Butte Montana at .001956 bars per person The previous answer was New York City however that city only has about .0003 bars per person. Accuall, La Crosse Wisonsin has 375 bars in that city with a 2009 population of 51,818 so with some simple math that is .00723 bars per person Oswego, Ny (MORE)

What are the Top ten cities for millionaires per capita?

Omaha HOME SWEET HOME U.S. counties with the greatest numbers of millionaire households. County/ Major City State Total Millionaire Households 1. Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Calif.262,8002. Cook County, Chicago Ill.167,8733. Orange County Calif.113,2994. Maricopa County, Phoenix (MORE)

What city has the most murders per capita?

Flint, Michigan has the highest murder rate per capita of any UScity. Flint is followed closely by Detroit, Michigan and NewOrleans, Louisiana. The safest city in the United States isWindsor, California.

What country has the most bars per capita?

I think it would have to be the Republic of Ireland, there's one bar per 300 person, so approx 15,000 in the whole country. I think England would be second at around 1 pub per 380 persons. Spain has one bar per 129 capita, being the sencond in the European ranking after Ciprus... Son the 300 (MORE)

What US city has the most murders per capita?

New Orleans, La. Different websites give different answers, and also, the city with the highest murder rate changes each year. But if you really research and visit several different sites, and look at data from different years, you will see that New Orleans is almost always number 1(or consistently (MORE)

What US city has the highest per capita PhDs?

For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (U.S. Census bureau) indicated below. Los ALamos New Mexico. the home of the los alamos national laboratories famous for the invention and production of the nuclear bomb.

Most populated cities in north America?

This question is dependant on whether you are asking for the size of the metro region or the city itself.. Mexico City is the largest city in North America (8,836,045), followed by New York City (8,103,700) and Los Angeles (3,805,400).. When examining only Canada and the United Sates, the followin (MORE)

Which city has the most doctors per capita?

Rochester, MN due to Mayo Clinic has the most doctors per capita. Per 100K, there are 1984 medical doctors. 2nd most is Iowa City, IA with 1169 doctors per 100K. No other cities has more than 1000 medical doctor per 100K. The 3rd might be Ann Arbor, MI with 981 doctors. US mean is 261.

Which city has the most churches per capita in the US?

wheaton illinois I am sure that with the figures that have been placed on the web, Wheaton does not fit the bill. Paonia, CO has at least 13 listed in the yellow pages and with a population of close to 1500 that makes it 1 church for every 115 people. Look Up Tehachapi CA in the yellow pages. Ther (MORE)

Which city in America has the most restaurants?

New York City has the most restaurants with more than 23,000 restaurants consisting of a large breadth in ethnic, and gastronomic diversity that is rich in every department, from grand French dining rooms like Daniel and Le Bernardin to notoriously out-of-the-way steakhouses like Peter Luger's, and (MORE)

The City of San Bernardino CA use to be one of the most violent cities in the nation per capita How violent is this city in 2008?

San Bernardino is still one of the most violent in the country. Just not as bad as other years in this decade the worst this decade was 2005. But historically speaking infact this city has been among the top 25 most dangerous consistently for decades now, with the occasional year were it drops out o (MORE)

What city has the most restaurants per capita?

According to an article (2006) that I surfed on the internet, it's Madison Wisconsin. Here's the link:. http://www.articlealley.com/article_108023_26.html. Interesting question. Enjoy!. ............................. Ha! Kind of funny....previous poster didn't read the article they posted. T (MORE)

Which city has the highest gay population per capita?

Wilton Manors, Florida has the highest per capita population. Note though that the entire city population is less than 13,000 persons, so it is a small enclave to Fort Lauderdale. Real Answer Since there haven't been any studies done, I wonder how the previous answerer came to that conclusion.

What city or town has the most millionaires per capita in Texas?

More than likely the answer is Midland. It has had and perhaps still has the highest millionaire per capita in the entire nation at that. With oil being as profitable as it is, you wouldn't believe the kind of money some residents of Midland have...hundreds of millions if not more.

Why are most north America cities on the coastline?

Most cities in the Northeast area of the United States were first established when the sea was the most important route of trade and transport. Therefore it is not surprising that most large cities are located on the coastline or near a river.

What US city has the most city parks per capita?

san francisco WRONG ANSWER San Fransisco does NOT have more parks than any other city. Boulder Colorado has far more parks. --------------------- Albion, Michigan, population 8,700 (as of the 2010 census) has 17 public parks. This is approximately one park per 500 residents. This is thoug (MORE)

What us city has the highest millionaires per capita?

There really is no official statistics for such a title. But many obvious, and probably correct, guesses would be New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. It is most likely that it is a small, suburban city that most people outside of the area have never heard of. For example, there is a (MORE)

What City in US has most Ph.D per capita?

Boulder, CO has the most college educated people, and the most people with degrees. It also boasts the most PHD's per capita in the country according to the forbes list.

City in US with most trees per capita?

Ann Arbor, MI beats Sacramento, CA with 0.41 trees per capita (47,900 trees and 116,121 people) compared to 0.24 trees per capita (115,000 trees and 475,516 people).

What are the three most important cities of North America?

In terms of what? Population? Income? The largest in terms of population include: . Mexico City: 21.16 million . New York City: 19.54 million . Los Angeles: 15.25 million . Chicago: 6.95 million The largest in terms of income would be: . New York: US$1,466 billion . Los Angeles: US$7 (MORE)

What cities and states have the lowest per capita income?

Five lowest states: Alabama; Kentucky; Arkansas; West Virginia; Mississippi. Five lowest census metropolitan areas (not including Puerto Rico): Las Cruces, New Mexico; El Paso, Texas; Brownsville-Harlingen-San Benito, Texas; Laredo, Texas; McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas.

What city in the us has more bentley's per capita?

Naples, FL. Although Beverly Hills Bentley has the highest sales record, Naples is a destination where people not only buy their car in Naples but bring their Bentley to live at their extra home in Naples.

What city is famous as the most German city in north America?

Tough call... But there isn't really any truly self-identified german cities anymore... Even the pennsylvania dutch (who are all actually german) stopped calling themselves german during world war one (for obvious reasons!) But if called upon to think of one... it might be bismark, north dakota... b (MORE)

Which state has the most Mormons per capita?

Utah has the most Mormons and the most Mormons per capita - there are about 2 million baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) in Utah out of a total population of 2.8 million. That means that about 72% of Utahns are Mormon. (*both numbers represent (MORE)

What city has the lowest rent per capita?

Portland, Oregon has the lowest rent per capita. It also has the third lowest crime rate, and 8th lowest property crime. Portland, Oregon also ranked 4th best place to live in America.

Does the Vatican City have the highest crime rate per capita?

The Vatican has a population of about 800. With 1.5 crimes percitizen, Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world.However, this is not a matter of priests of other residents of theVatican running amok and robbing banks or mugging tourists. Thevast majority of these crimes are caused by pic (MORE)