Which countries have neutron bombs?

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As of today, no country is known to have an Enhanced Radiation Weapon ("neutron bomb") in their active stockpile.
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What countries today have the nuclear bomb?

There are currently six Countries known to have the Nuclear Bomb. These Countries are; United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Iran and China. That's all i know. no this is false china hasnot a nuclear bomb. israel has and its false Iran has... but since the collapse of the s (MORE)

What country invented the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was not invented by any country, it wasinvented in 1933 by Leo Szilard (he was in London at the time, sowhen he patented the invention he sold it to the British Admiraltywho classified it to keep the idea away from the Nazis). However following the discovery in 1939 of fission in u (MORE)

What is a neutron bomb?

Okay, you asked. A neutron bomb is a weapon designed and constructed specifically to deliver a large(r) dose of radiation over a broad area to increase the lethality of the weapon without an increase in blast damage. Be clear that there will be A LOT of blast damage; it's a nuclear weapon. But the b (MORE)

What countries have nucular bombs?

More than two dozen countries have nuclear bombs. The countries webest know who have nuclear bombs are Russia, France, China, India,Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, and Iran.

Which countries have atomic bombs?

The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and, although they never admit it, in all probability, Israel.

In what year was the neutron bomb invented?

Credit to this invention usually goes to Lawrence Livermore Lab's Samuel Cohen in 1958. The ERW was tested in 1963. Development was halted by President Carter in 1978 and restarted by President Reagan in 1981. Some weapons were retired in 1992 by President George Bush. The last warhead was dismantle (MORE)

Which president approved the creation of the neutron bomb?

Jimmy Carter favored the neutron bomb as an economical way to offset the Warsaw Pact's 4 to 1 superiority in tanks. It was a tactical nuke, but opponents of the bomb warned that because it worked on the nuclear principle, it would give the Communists an excuse to retaliate with larger and more power (MORE)

Who made the neutron bomb?

The neutron bomb is generally credited to Samuel Cohen of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , who developed the concept in 1958. Although initially opposed by President John F. Kennedy , its testing was authorized and carried out in 1963 at an underground Nevada test facility.Developmen (MORE)

What countries have used the atomic bomb?

In war? Only the US. In tests? 8: . US . Russia . UK . France . China . India . Pakistan . North Korea Israel probably makes it 9, but they won't confirm or deny their status.

What countries have used a nuclear bomb?

The US is the only country that has dropped an atomic weapon (a nuclear bomb). Many other countries, including the US, have tested thousands of nuclear bombs.

What are the lyrics to The Neutron Bomb by The Controllers?

The Controllers' "Neutron Bomb" begins with a poem from WWII about a disemboweled gunner on a bomber over Europe. Then it goes: Some people think atomic bombs are weird But I don't want to end up seared By the Neutron Bomb Very strange! By the Neutron Bomb Cold War exchange! I can (MORE)

Which countries was the first to develop a neutron bomb?

No country is known to currently have neutron bombs. The concept was developed in the US in the early 1960s (and some testing along those lines was done by, at least, the US and France in the mid-1960s), and France actually tested a full neutron bomb in 1980.

What is a neutron bomb capable of doing?

A neutron bomb is a nuclear weapon that is "enhanced" to increase neutron production. It will do considerable damage because it is "still" a nuclear weapon and will have a minimum yield. But the extra engineering will cause the bomb to produce many more neutrons when it goes off, and this has the on (MORE)

What is neutron bomb made of?

An enhanced radiation weapon or "neutron bomb" is most likely simply a thermonuclear weapons (or "hydrogen bomb") whose radiation case is made of a material transparent to neutrons like nickel. Instead of using a heavy metal like uranium or lead to contain the neutrons, they are allowed to escape, t (MORE)

When was the neutron bomb invented?

Credit to this invention usually goes to Lawrence Livermore Lab's Samuel Cohen in 1958. The ERW was tested in 1963. Development was halted by President Carter in 1978 and restarted by President Reagan in 1981. Some weapons were retired in 1992 by President George Bush. The last warhead was dismantle (MORE)

Which country first developed a neutron bomb?

us . Yes, the United States was the first to develop a Neutron bomb, it was originally part of the United States efforts following the fallout problems with the 1954 Castle Bravo test (15Mton) to develop a low fallout or " clean " Hydrogen bomb. In a standard Hydrogen bomb typically 90% of the yiel (MORE)

Is a neutron bomb more deadlier than a nuclear bomb?

A neutron bomb is a nuclear bomb. Specifically a neutron bomb is a modified fusion (hydrogen) bomb. In a standard fusion bomb the fusion tamper is Uranium-238. This absorbs the high energy fusion neutrons and fissions, producing roughly 90% of the yield of the fusion bomb and most of the fallout (MORE)

How many countries have atomic bombs?

There are 8 countries with official ownership and control of atomic bombs: The US, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea. There are 5 countries storing atomic bombs, but with ultimate custody for the bombs belonging to the US: Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Turke (MORE)

What is the surprising effect of the neutron bomb?

A neutron bomb, or enhanced radiation weapon (ERW), is a type of tactical nuclear weapon designed specifically to release a large portion of its energy as energetic neutron radiation rather than explosive energy. Neutron bomb would use nuclear fusion, but in a different way. The detonation of a neut (MORE)

Which countries have nuclear bombs?

Today nine countries are possessing nuclear weapons. The five nuclear weapons states United States, Russia (formerSoviet Union), United Kingdom, France and China, are the onlycountries allowed to have nuclear weapons according to theNon-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) from 1970. All members of the United (MORE)

How many countries have a hydrogen bomb?

The US, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, and Pakistan are known to have thermonuclear weapons ("hydrogen bombs"). North Korea has tested fission cores powerful enough to initiate a deuterium-tritium fusion reaction, and it's believed (though it's not known with certainty) that they (MORE)

Why neutron bomb is known as smart bomb?

It is not. A "smart" bomb is one with a guidance system that guides it directly to the target. A "Neutron" bomb is a specialized form of nuclear weapon that produces relatively little blast, but releases more immediate nuclear radiation than most other nuclear weapons

What country has the best nuclear bombs?

All nuclear bombs are the same same but it was Russia who detonated the biggest nuclear bomb ever called the Tsar Bomba in 1961. Russia has 9000 warheads while the us has nearly 3000.

Which countries have hydrogen bombs?

Only the five permanent United Nations Security Council members - the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China - are known to possess hydrogen bombs. .

When was the neutron bomb used and why?

The atomic bombs were dropped by the Americans from a plane onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War Two on August 6th 1945 (Hiroshima,Little Boy) and August 9th 1945 (Nagasaki,Fat Man) They were used because Japan were really the only remaining opponent (The Nazis had already surrendered), And (MORE)

Why do countries use nuclear bombs?

Countries use nuclear bombs to pronounce dominance to the world and show that they are not to be messed with. They are also a quick, extremely hard blow that kill many and can end conflict extremely fast, like in WWII the United States dropped two bombs on Japan and very soon afterwards, Japan surre (MORE)

What countries were bombed in d day?

WWII was a global conflict on June 6, 1944. The Normandy landings included operations throughout the European theater. There was no close air support during the landings to avoid friendly fire casualties on the beaches and to the paratroop divisions further inland. Early air strikes were directed at (MORE)

Does the US have neutron bombs?

"Enhanced radiation" weapons, including the 'neutron bomb', havebeen stricken from the US inventory and are (probably) no longer a part ofstrategic planning.

How does the neutron bomb work?

A neutron bomb is a type of hydrogen bomb. It actually was adevelopment that came from the late 1950s work by the US to make"clean hydrogen bombs" that produced very little fallout. In a conventional hydrogen bomb the tamper (device to contain thenuclear reaction as long as possible to get as much e (MORE)

How does a neutron bomb explode?

A neutron bomb is a form of nuclear weapon. It explodes in several steps. In the first step, control circuits fire electronic blasting caps cause conventional explosives to detonate. They are shaped in such as way that the explosion crushes a ball of nuclear material (mainly plutonium) causing that (MORE)

Where do countries test nuclear bombs?

In remote isolated places. Most testing (except for a few countries) is now done underground, to prevent fallout. The US has ceased all physical testing and uses only computer simulated tests.

Why was a source of neutrons needed in the detomation of the atomic bombs?

To get the chain reaction started at the right time relative to the assembly of the supercritical mass. Like ignition timing in a car's engine, you don't want it too early or too late. In an atomic bomb too early severely reduces yield, too late runs the risk of spontaneous fission starting the ch (MORE)

Why do neutron bombs can kill people?

Neutron bombs are designed to release massive amounts of radiation but not leave behind high levels of long-term radiation. Specifically, it is engineered to release much of its energy as fast-neutrons (hence the name for the device) rather than explosive energy. The high level of neutrons released (MORE)

Which country invented nuclear bombs?

They were not invented by a country , they were invented by a man: Leo Szilard in 1933 while crossing a London street & patented (Patent GB630726) there in 1934. In 1936 he signed the patent over to the British Admiralty to keep it secret from Nazi Germany. However they were not built until the U (MORE)

What country dropped the first bomb?

If we are talking about World War One and the side of the US, Japan made the first attack, launching the country into the war. It was they error as it brought total destruction for the Japanese.

What country was involved with the Boston bombing?

That's tricky. The men involved were ethnic Chechens, but they had never actually been to Chechnya, which is part of Russia. Many Chechens want Chechnya to be a separate country from Russia and some have used terrorism to try to achieve this goal. Although the men involved are known to have been str (MORE)

Why does Arab keep bombing your country?

YOU WERE BRAINWASHED. WAKE UP. It the Illuminati that is attacking us they blame it on the arabs to make us team up so they can get all their oil there dumb mofos we need to stop them

Who discovered the neutron lead to atomic bombs?

James Chadwick discovered the neutron in 1932. Leo Szilard got the idea of the neutron chain reaction as a meansof releasing the energy of the atom in 1933 and filed a patent onthis process in 1934 (the patent was granted in 1936 and promptlyclassified by the British Admiralty to prevent Germany fro (MORE)