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Japan!!!!!!~ (of course) LOL
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What was the first robot built?

The idea of robotics dates back to 350 BC when Greek mathematician Archytas built a mechanical bird dubbed "the pigeon". It moves through using steam and serves as one of hist

What country is leading in robotics?

The United States is definitely ahead when it comes to robotic  technology. Although it is generally thought that it is Japan that  reigns supreme when it comes to robot tec

What is the name of the first industrial robot?

1961 - The first industrial robot was online in a General Motors automobile factory in New Jersey. It was called UNIMATE.

How did they make the first robot?

They made the first robot by putting a whole much of metal together so the robot would look like a human. so as they did that as the robot became more in the history like toda

What did the first robot do?

It was a huge water clock with several automatons that did things like display plaques and ring bells.

Which country was the first robot made in?

Current evidence points to the Chinese, although more evidence being uncovered is making it a tight race between them and India, the Iraq region and Greece. A short history is

Who discovered first robot?

Robotic devices were not "discovered", instead, automation has slowly evolved from simple devices to the computer controlled devices that we have today.

When and where was the word robot first used?

The word "robot" derives from Czech "robota" meaning servitude forced labor, which derives form the Czech "rab" which means slave." It was first used in a play called "R.U.R

Why are robots created?

because that they can do work for us that we cant i mean, there are things that are really hard to do in life that we cant so they made robots to do the things and help them.S

Who first created country music?

No one person spicifically created country music. Country music has  a long history that developed out of many genres and from many  people's work. While you can't really pi