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Which country has the lowest government standards for gas mileage of automobiles?

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What is the average gas mileage for SUV?

The average gas mileage for sport utility vehicle (SUV) is about 18  miles per gallon for gas only models. Some hybrids get as high as  35 miles per gallon.

Honda goldwing gas mileage?

  I bought a 2008 Goldwing a few weeks ago to use as a commuter vehicle to save some money on fuel. I'm getting 43-45 MPG on my 2008 Wing, with most driving being at highw

What is the capacity of an automobiles gas tank?

It depends on the type of car. Most cars are about 45 liters though. Bigger cars have more capacity because they use more gas and smaller cars use less fuel as their fuel cons

The Saab automobile is manufactured in which country?

Saab currently produce the 9-3 and 9-5 at their trollhaten plant in Sweden and Saabs new 9-4X will be produced in Mexico. In the past the 900/9-3 convertables have been made i

Did a flowmaster improve gas mileage?

  High performance exhausts can have a small, yet statistically insignificant, impact on fuel efficiency. They tend to be installed for a differenct exhaust sound or impro

What is gas mileage of 1964 beetle?

  The gas mileage of a 1964 bug depends on if you have had a new engine put into it, on average a 1964 bug has a 1450cc-1500cc engine in it. Meaning it will have around 50

Which gas station has the best gas mileage?

This is a tough question, because it depends on a number of different factors. Different oil companies have different additives (anti-foaming agents, methyl alcohol, cleaners,

How can you get old gelled gas out of an automobile?

you probably have to pull the gas tank out and flush it out with gasoline or kerosene or something that will dissolve the gelled up gasoline. you might also have to somehow fl

What is the Gas mileage of a Chevy Trailblazer?

Depends how you drive, if you got a lead foot it's not going to be good. I have a 2002 tb lt v6 and on a trip I get 20 to 21 mpg. One winter I drove without ac and got 23.5 mp
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What does ERR-null passed mean for automobile mileage?

The word "null" means zero, and ERR probably stands for error. This  message likely means that the vehicle has passed the mileage that  can be recorded in the vehicle.