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Which country is Baja California located in?

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Baja California is part of Mexico. It is a peninsula on which is located the Mexican States of Baja California and Baja California Sur.
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What country does baja California belong to?

Baja California is found in Mexico. It is a peninsula off the west coast of Mexico which runs immediately south of California of the USA.

Which country is Baja California?

It is one of the States of Mexico.

Is Baja California at the bottom of California?

On a map, yes. California is one of the United States of America. Baja California is one of the states of the United States of Mexico and lies south of California and nor

Is baja California located in Mexico or US.?

It's in Mexico. If you look at a map of the western coast, Baja  California is the long peninsula that sticks out south of  California.    In Spanish, Baja California