Which country is Lithuania?

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Lithuania is a great country, it is right next to Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland. I sould now because i actually lived there. Trust me its amazing in winter its pure cold and you can get the feeling that your like in Antarctica. However in summer its nice and warm because its like 40 degrees outside.
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What country is Lithuania in?

Lithuania is itself a country and has sovereignty over its issues, meaning it is able to make its own laws and decide which laws of other countries it will abide by.

What country was Lithuania before it was Lithuania?

Before Lithuania was the country it is today, it was part of a major empire. This empire was the Soviet Union (USSR). It was an empire created by the country of Russia after t

How many countries are in Lithuania?

Lithuania is its own country and does not have any nations residing within its borders. Lithuania also does not contain states, although it does have counties.