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Which country is the third largest country?

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1) Russia - 17,098,242 sq KM
2) Canada - 9,984, 670 sq KM
3) The US - 9, 826, 675 sq KM
4) China - 9, 596, 961, sq KM

The US is the third by population and area.
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What country has the third largest population?

"The United States of America" is the the third most populated country on Earth. With an estimated population of "307,489,000", it makes up only 4.35% of the world's populati

What is Oceania's third largest country?

Oceania is the smallest continent on the planet. The vast majority of the continent is made up of the Pacific islands. However, some of these islands have a considerable size.

What is the third largest country in the world?

In terms of area size, the 3rd largest country in the world is  China. In terms of population, the third largest country is the  United States. china The world's third large