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Which credit card companies only pull from experian for applications?

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There is not a specific answer to this question. The best way to explain this is that not all creditors report with all three bureaus. Ask that specific creditor who they report with.
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If you settle with a credit company how will Equifax and Experian know?

They will know because the creditor reports it to them. You will not get anywhere by calling and telling them. But you can send proof of your payment in full via certified mai

Are credit card companies or banks required to keep on file the original credit application?

addendum to question: want to know same thing because mbna is insisting my ex boyfriend is a co-signer and i know for sure he was an additional card holder. my bad debt is sc

Can your existing credit card companies pull your credit?

  Answer   Absolutely.     You authorized additional pulls of your credit when you established the account. This is not only legal, but customary. Credit car

What cell phone company only pulls your credit score from transunion?

i know for a fact t mobil does? they only pull transunion, they just lowered their credit standards so you can get approved with a lower score than before, and one way or anot

You have previous applications for credit cards but they got rejected by the credit card companies Can rejected applications hurt your credit score?

Every time you fill out an application for a credit card, you're giving the company permission to request a credit report from one of the credit reporting agencies. Those requ

What should you look for when filling out a credit card application and choose which credit card company is the best?

Read all the fine print on the contract. If you're filling out an application online, make sure you click on links to read the terms and conditions. If you're not careful, you

Have credit card company putting levy on joint account but card is in my name only?

The card is linked to the bank account registered when you firstapplied for it. Even if the card IS just in your name - it makes NOdifference to the card company - so long as