Which credit card companies only pull from experian for applications?

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There is not a specific answer to this question. The best way to explain this is that not all creditors report with all three bureaus. Ask that specific creditor who they report with.
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If you settle with a credit company how will Equifax and Experian know?

They will know because the creditor reports it to them. You will not get anywhere by calling and telling them. But you can send proof of your payment in full via certified mail. Request that they send a complete credit report showing the accounts paid, or settled, whichever is correct.

How do you understand credit card application terminology?

Credit card terminology . All credit card applications (click for a sample) must contain certain key information in a disclosure box. Here's how to interpret those terms.. The interest rate you will pay, on an annual basis, if you carry over balances on purchases from one billing cycle to the next. If the card has a temporary introductory rate, the rate that applies after the temporary rate expires is also stated. (For more about credit card rates, click here.) This is also called as APR.. The interest rates you will pay, on an annual basis, if you get a cash advance on your credit card, if you transfer a balance from another credit card, or if the card issuer applies penalty rates. (More information on the penalty rate may be included outside the disclosure box -- for example, in a footnote on the application.). If the card has a variable rate instead of a fixed rate, this section will tell you how the variable rate is determined. (More information may be included outside the disclosure box -- for example, in a footnote on the application.). The number of days you have to pay your bill in full without triggering any finance charges. With most plans, the grace period applies only to purchases; cash advances and balance transfers may start accruing interest immediately.. The method that will be used to calculate your outstanding balance if you carry over a balance and will pay a finance charge. (For more about methods of balance calculation, click here.). Annual fee: The annual fee (or other periodic fee) the issuer charges for you to have the card. You may have to pay this fee even if you never use the card.. Any minimum or fixed finance charge that could be imposed during a billing cycle. A minimum finance charge usually applies only when a finance charge is imposed, that is, when you carry over a balance.. Cash Advance Fee: Any charge imposed when you use

Are credit card companies or banks required to keep on file the original credit application?

addendum to question: want to know same thing because mbna is insisting my ex boyfriend is a co-signer and i know for sure he was an additional card holder. my bad debt is screwing up his credit and i went through official channels, filed required paperwork and can't get his name released from the debt. I asked for proof that he was a co-signer and they said their records don't go back that far. Then, I win, right? Think about this for a minute. If he was just an additional card holder then if my company which is in the top "500" goes broke [they gave me the card I didn't want it]then I will have to pay their bill!!! I don't think so. Have an attorney write them a letter his name will disappear before the ink is dry. There is a difference in additional card holder and an authorized user when it pertains to personal accounts. If in the original agreement that was made it notes that an additional card holder will be designated a joint account holder, the creditor can report account activity on the person's credit report and hold said person responsible for debt repayment. Authorized user's are not responsible for the debt, but some creditors will still take (and can legally take) said person to court to try to recover money owed.

Can credit card companies touch any life insurance left to an only child if the cards are in the deceased's name only?

No, but that doesn't mean they won't try. Some creditors are kinda "tricky" about getting their money. However, if you show them you are a well informed consumer and will stand up for your legal rights. They back off pretty quickly.

Can your existing credit card companies pull your credit?

Answer . Absolutely.\n. \nYou authorized additional pulls of your credit when you established the account. This is not only legal, but customary. Credit card issuers periodically check your credit to see how you are managing your financial obligations. If they notice late payments on other credit accounts, they can use clauses in your contract to raise your interest rate, even if you have never paid THEM late. They also perform an inquiry into your credit report in conjunction with an increase of your credit limit.

Can you sue your credit card company?

Answer . It depends on what they did. You would need to talk to a lawyer.\n. \n . \n Absolutely. It takes a lot of research, stamina and just plain guts but it is a given in the world of litigation that the debtor can always find a casus belli which can be used as the basis of a suit against the creditor. For example, the arbitrary charging of "late fees", antitrust violations, fraud, and so forth.\nThe three words that will strike fear in the hearts (if they had any) of all major creditors are "class action suit".

Can a credit card company sue you?

Yes, they can. Credit issuers hire law firms that specialize in collection of debt including lawsuit action. A credit card is defined as "unsecured debt" this does not mean that the creditor has not legal recourse to recover monies owed. It simply means there is no specific property that secures the debt, such as a vehicle or other real property. Merchant accounts such as Sears are secured debts, because the item purchased is considered collateral and can be repossessed if the circumstances warrant.

Can a credit card company hold you responsible for a credit card if no application contract or agreement of terms exists?

Answer . \nIf a card was received and used by the named person then a contract is implied and there does not need to be a written, signed agreement.

Can a credit card company go after your house if the mortgage is in your husband's name only?

Answer . \nOwnership of real property is determined by the wording on the title or deed not by the names on the lending agreement.\n. \nIf the debtor owns a share of the property then a lien can usually be placed by a judgment creditor.\n. \nThe exception would be married couples holding property as Tenancy By The Entirety when only one spouse is the judgment debtor.

What can credit card companies get when they sue you?

Being in the collections business, I will guarantee you that people get sued by credit card companies everyday. What can they get? That depends on what state you live in and what the laws of that state permit. I know for a fact that in many cases the defendant can be assessed with attorney's fees, court costs, interest - nasty stuff that could have been avoided if it never went to court. If you want to know what can happen but don't start asking, you will run out of time. Waiting could be it's own answer. The last posting was probably written by a bill collector. The chances that a credit card company will sue you is very very slim. If the credit card company sells your debt to a Collection Company the Collection Company cannot legally sue you in most states. The big question is" How long can you put up with harassing phone calls and letters?? If it doesn't bother you, don't worry about it. . Sorry, but the above entry is not quite correct. Credit card debt is considered unsecured debt. That does not mean that the issuer or the third party purchaser cannot take legal action to recover monies owed. It is true that the CC company itself seldom sues but sells the account to a collection agency. Collectors do sue for any amount they can get because that is how they make money. All states allow lawsuits for defaulted debts. The issue is not if a person can be sued but what property real or personal can be seized for the repayment of the debt. That matter is where state laws differ in what can be taken, how it can be taken and what the amount can be. For example, garnishment laws differ state-to-state.

How can credit card companies get the profit?

They can get profit to those who are in need of financialassistance and those who do not update their monthly due payments,where finance charge will be charge to the card holders. . +++ Put more simply, they collect the interest on the loans. Each timeyou use a credit-card you are buying the goods or services by loan.Although credit-card companies do not levy interest on 100%repayments within one month, they do so on any debt carried beyondthat.

What can credit card companies get in judgment?

What property can be seized or attached by a judgment creditor depends upon two basic things, the laws of the state in which the judgment debtor resides and the manner in which real property is held.. Some of the methods of execution of a judgment are, wage garnishment (not allowed in a few US states); bank account levy (allowed in all US states, but depends upon how the bank account is established); seizure of non exempt personal property (bonds, stocks, etc.); liens against real property ( a forced sale although rare depends upon how said property is titled).

Can your credit card company randomly pull your credit report even though the account is five years old?

Yes and they do this often. If your score is lower than before, they may up your interest rate. If your score is higher or still the same, they may offer you additional cards, balance transfer offers, etc. This is part of standard credit card terms. Even if the account is closed they can do this. This is how we all get those credit card offers that say pre-approved, etc. It does not affect your credit score. It's a soft inquiry.

How do credit card companies work?

i think the credit card companies have a tie up with shops , and the shop owner is charged a certain percentage of the transaction and the cc companies pay the shop owner.. some cc pay fast n charge more n some pay late but charge less.. tushar. i think the credit card companies have a tie up with shops , and the shop owner is charged a certain percentage of the transaction and the cc companies pay the shop owner.. some cc pay fast n charge more n some pay late but charge less.. tushar

Who monitors credit card companies?

Karen,. I am disabled, living and working from home for 12 years plus. I have not much else to do than find the answers to questions. To be more specific, I answer computer, related, questions on another site but I went looking to see who else got robbed by: Computer Associates, Anti Virus.. They're doing what AOL did, years ago, when they got themselves into a huge class action, law suit, from which they never recovered and had to pay every one of their cancelled accounts, each person, for years and years. . I SAW YOUR QUESTION and couldn't resist, I went through the registration process, just to answer your question about WHO MONITORS CREDIT CARDS?. 1. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (National) (https://econsumer.ftccomplaintassistant.gov). 2. me(NJ). State Office of The Attorney General, Consumer Affairs Division; your state has one too.. 3 . me(NJ) State Department of Banking and Insurance.

Can a credit card company have you arrested?

No, all they can do is take you to court and try to get a ruling against you to garnish wages.

How do you write credit card application letter?

To. HDFC Bank LTD Subject: New credit card dear sir, I would like to request you please send me the new credit card on following adrress. Actuall new credit card was returned on 1 march because of the new adrees. Amit Shamrao Ghodake F 19 New daulat society sector 16A vashi Navi Mumbai

What cell phone company only pulls your credit score from transunion?

i know for a fact t mobil does? they only pull transunion, they just lowered their credit standards so you can get approved with a lower score than before, and one way or another youll get approved with them, either a post paid account witch means they bill you monthly its not pre paid, or they will give you an account where you pay in advance but its not like a pre paid you get a plan the same plan youd have if they billed you monthly you just pay at the start of the month, and they report your payment history to the majore credit bureas each month so it helps you to build and re establish credit, so they can get you a plan one way or another and you wont waste an inquiry on your credit, and they have exspanded coverage and they cover most areas just as well as Verizon these days hope this helps.

How do you report a credit card company?

Most western countries have an authority that over sees financial companies. Banks, lenders, etc. Try a search in your country for financial regulators.

What do credit card companies do when you have no credit?

They will offer you a low introductory interest rate which will encourage you to use your credit card.

Is it illegal to lie on a credit card application?

Yes it's called FRAUD if the purpose of the lie is to defraud money - the company can refuse or revoke the card and demand payment in full. (See the fine print on the application.)

You have previous applications for credit cards but they got rejected by the credit card companies Can rejected applications hurt your credit score?

Every time you fill out an application for a credit card, you're giving the company permission to request a credit report from one of the credit reporting agencies. Those requests are kept on file on your record for anywhere from three to five years, and the number of requests are just one of the things that determine your credit score. If you've applied indiscriminately for any credit card offer you see, it could lower your credit score and make it more difficult to get a loan when you really need one.

What should you look for when filling out a credit card application and choose which credit card company is the best?

Read all the fine print on the contract. If you're filling out an application online, make sure you click on links to read the terms and conditions. If you're not careful, you may end up signing an agreement to pay an application fee, a processing fee and/or an annual fee - which they'll happily charge to your new credit card and start collecting interest on immediately.

Do credit card companies only approve credit limits that an individual is able to afford?

Credit limits are set by your lender who can change your credit limit depending on your payment history, usage and a number of other factors. They will make reasonable choices when setting or amending your credit limit and would certainly avoid giving someone a credit limit they believe the individual could not reasonably afford.

What is a experian credit expert?

An experian credit expert is a person who works for the company Experian & monitors both your credit score & your credit report, for a monthly fee, to assist you in repairing your credit score. You actually can do this yourself, without the expert or the hefty fee, by contacting the three major credit bureaus & getting a free copy of your credit report, which you are entitled to by law, once a year.

What is the purpose of the Experian credit report?

The purpose of the Experian credit report is to find out your credit score as well as many other things. The Experian credit report is everything you need to know about your credit score.

How do you get a free experian credit report?

To Get an Experian Credit Report you can request one from there website , or you can call and 800 number for the Annual Credit Report and Request one through them.

Are USAA credit cards applicable to everyone?

No, you have to apply for most types of credit cards. The only credit cards that everyone can for sure get are the prepaid kinds from the store, you have to pay for cards and then load the money onto them.

Do credit card companies require address verification for credit applicants to minimize identity theft?

Yes, this is one of the pieces of information that they will definitely need from you. However, it seems not so much to minimize identity theft, but rather to make sure thats the correct address to send the bills.

What information is required on credit card applications?

Credit card applications ask for personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and social security number. They also require you to submit your place of work information and your work history, which includes your income.

What does the experian credit reports show?

The Experian Credit report shows your credit score. It also shows your credit risk level and factors that could raise and lower your score. You can also dispute incorrect credit report info online.

What is the cost of an Experian Credit Report?

The cost of an Experian CreditReport is varied by the number of people that are going to useit, if it's very high then it's around 2 thousand, if it's low thenit's around 1 thousand.

How long do credit card companies keep record of your signed credit card application?

Most credit card companies only keep records for approx 13-18 months. You would think they would keep them longer right?? With all the bank consolidations happening, records go missing and/or are not implrted into the new computer system. It costs lots of money and time to transfer records of that size.

What requirements are on a basic credit card application?

You need your full name, first, middle, and last including suffix. Also needed are your address, state you live in and your zip code. Along with your social security number and questions about your work status and banking information are part of the minimum questions on a basic credit card application.

Do most credit card companies accept online applications?

Yes, most credit card companies accept online applications, and many are able to provide a decision seconds after submitting a request. If not, they are also able to be reached over the phone.

Where can someone apply for credit card application?

There are several options for applying a credit card. One can find credit card applications at the bank, mail or internet. Credit card companies require a proof of income before being approved for credit.

Is it safe to do credit card applications online?

When filling out credit card applications online, make sure that the site is secure. The link to the website should contain an "s", which indicates that the site is secure. It is also important to be sure that the company making the credit card offer is legitimate. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

What can credit card company get when they sue you?

States inact laws that determine how a judgment creditor can execute the judgment against the judgment debtor.. In most states a judgment writ can be enforced as a wage garnishment (preferred method) or bank account levy or a lien and/or seizure and sale of unexempt real or personal property belonging solely to the judgment debtor.

Why do you think the credit card company wants to know the applicants monthly housing payments?

Because they want to know what your disposable income is after you've paid things like mortgage (or rent), power, water etc.

What companies are credit card providers?

Companies that provide credit cards tend to be banks. In the United Kingdom, for example, Barclays, NatWest and Lloyds banks issue credit cards. These banks also offer debit cards.

Which companies offer credit card applications that have nearly instant approval?

Many companies offer credit card applications that have nearly instant approval. One can apply for these credit cards online at Credit Cards, Credit Card Applications, and Deal Sea.

Which company has the cheapest credit cards?

All credit cards are free to sign up for making them all equally cheap. However, there are sometimes monthly charges that will apply depending on the card.

What does the company Experian do?

Experian is essentially a company which specializes in credit scores and credit reports. They can help you find in accuracies in your credit score and iron them out.

Where do find instant credit card applications?

CreditCardGuide has an entire section devoted to instant credit cards. Through the site, you can apply for each card you wish to, compare the benefits, and look at what it would take to obtain other major credit cards that you may not qualify for.

Why does Experian have credit files?

Experian is a global information services group. That's why they have credit files of people: they collect public and credit data to produce credit reports and credit scores.

What credit card processing companies are out there?

Credit card processing companies include iPayment, Square, and Intuit Payment Solutions. They are companies that will allow you to take credit cards for your business.

How can one get a secured credit card application?

All major banks offer secured credit card applications online. Some examples of these banks are Capital One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and PNC Bank.

Where can a student submit a credit card application?

Credit card applications for students are the same as for any person and may be submitted to any major lending institution that offers credit cards. Because students tend to have few assets and/or a limited credit history it is not uncommon for them to be required to have a parent as a co-signer to the credit card.

Have credit card company putting levy on joint account but card is in my name only?

The card is linked to the bank account registered when you firstapplied for it. Even if the card IS just in your name - it makes NOdifference to the card company - so long as they get the money youowe them ! They have a legal right to debit the bank account youregistered with them until the debt is repaid.

What is the function of a credit card company?

A credit card company act as a 'liaison' between the customer andthe business. The customer presents their credit card to theretailer - and the card company pays the retailer for the goods thecustomer has purchased. The card company charges the customerinterest each month on the outstanding balance - in payment for theconvenience of being able to make (often expensive) purchases,without having to h=cary large amount of cash.