Which direction does the East River of New York flow?

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The East River is a tidal strait, not a real river, which connects on both ends to the Atlantic Ocean. As such, East River's tidal currents change directions up to four times a day, flowing north and then turning around and pushing south toward the ocean. With the tide rising the water flows north and with the tide subsiding, the water flows south. This pattern is due to the fact that the water volume, Upper New York Bay, south of the narrowest point of the strait spreads more rapidly toward the Atlantic Ocean than the area north to the narrowest point of the strait, on Long Island Sound. The tide reversal times change with the position of the moon and the sun, so there are no fixed times for the direction changes. According to the table below (Source: http://www.saltwatertides.com/cgi-local/newyork), on August 20 and 21, 2008 the water will flow northward from 6:25PM through 12:27AM, southward from 12:27AM through 6:32AM, northward from 6:32AM through 12:56PM, and southward from 12:56PM thorough 7:14PM. Of course, these time frames will also have periods when the water almost stands still. Tides for East 41st Street, New York City starting with August 20, 2008. Day..Date.High/Low....Time Wed.20......Low........5:56 AM
........20......High.....12:09 PM
........20......Low........6:25 PM Thu.21.......High......12:27 AM
.......21.......Low........6:32 AM
.......21.......High......12:56 PM
.......21.......Low.........7:14 PM See the link attached below for the forecasts regarding different dates.
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What direction do rivers flow?

Answer . Downhill would be the only sure answer. Depending on the river they will flow in many different directions during the course of their travels. The Nile moves North, the Mississippi moves South, the Amazon goes mostly East.

How fast does east river flow?

The East River in New York City flows at a rate of four knots ortwo meters per second. The East River is 16 miles long.

What rivers flow through new york?

The Hudson River runs along the western side of Manhattan and theBronx, the Harlem River separates the northern end of Manhattanfrom the southern end of the Bronx, and the East River runs alongthe eastern side of Manhattan separating it from Queens and theBronx.

What direction does the Volga River flow?

The Volga River of western Russia starts in the Valdai Hillsnorthwest of Moscow and flows about 3,701 km (2,300 mi) generallyeast and south to the Caspian Sea. The Volga River flows in theeastward direction.

Which direction does Missouri River flow?

The Missouri River flows from the intermediate direction of northto south. The only river that does not flow from north to south isthe Nile River, and it flows from south to north. YOUR WELCOME!

Which direction does the Ohio River flow?

Downstream. (sorry, couldn't resist) It actually flows west from the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania until it empies into the Mississippi River in Cairo, Illinois.

What direction does the yellow river flow?

The Yangtze or Yellow river as it's known because of yellow silt deposits flows from South to North in its trajectory between the city of Lanzhou in Gansu Province and the city of Baotou in Inner-Mongolia.

Which direction does the scioto river flow?

The Scioto River flows south through much of the state of Ohio. Itbegins near the town of New Hampshire, OH and empties into the OhioRiver near the city of Portsmouth, OH which is a distance of about231 miles.

What direction does the Ticino River flow?

The Ticino flows southeast as far as I'm able to tell.. The Ticino river is a tributary of the Po. It source is in the St. Gotthard mountain in Switzerland it flows in a southerly direction through Lake Maggiore. Then joins the Po downstream of Pavia. the total lengtht is about 248 km

What river flows through New York?

The Hudson River flows though eastern New York State southward past the western shore of Manhattan into New York Bay. The 'East River' splits off and runs along the eastern shore of Manhattan.

Direction a river flows?

Flow direction of a river varies according to the topography of theland. Elevation and gravity forces a river to flow downhill nomatter which direction "down" is.

Which river flows through New York City?

The Hudson River flows through New York City. The Hudson river is315 miles long. In addition to flowing through New York City, itflows through several other cities as well.

Directions of flow for river severn?

It starts flowing north-east, then east, then south, then south-west. Look at a map and find Plynlimon mountain in Wales, where it starts, then follow its course to the sea at the Bristol Channel.

Which direction does the Snake River flow?

The river flows from its source in Yellowstone National Park through a series of mountain ranges, canyons, and plains into the Columbia River at Tri-Cities, Washington.

Which is the direction that a river flows?

The general direction a river flows is down . The water responds to the pull of gravity, and it is pulled down - whichever way that happens to be (north, south, east, west, or whatever). Water flows downhill. Simple and easy. Nothing tricky about it.

What rivers flow East in Colorado?

The Platte River which drains northeast to its confluence with the Missouri River which then drains to the Mississippi. Then The Arkansas River and the Rio Grande River. They all flow east and drain to the Gulf of Mexico in the Atlantic watershed.. cosparkaz@gmail.com

What river is flowing in north and south in eastern new york?

For some reason, a large segment of the population believes that bydefault rivers most commonly flow south due to some geophysicalproperty that I'm completely unaware of. Whatever the cause of thismysterious belief system, please know that rivers, like all otherobjects on earth, flow downhill due to (MORE)

Is East River of New York a river?

No, the East River is not a true river. It is a tidal strait. It connects to the ocean on both sides. It flows south from the bay known as the Long Island Sound, down the east side of Manhattan and the west side of Queens and Brooklyn, and into the Atlantic Ocean at New York Harbor.

What river flows into New York Bay?

The Hudson River, and also the East River, although technically the East River is not a river (it's a tidal strait), since it connects to the ocean on both sides.

Which direction does Brazos river flow?

Due to the gravitional pull of the centre of the earth, at 420 degrees north 721 degrees west, im taking a stab in the dark here but i think up is the answer to your question. Hope it helps IQuestions123

What river flows from east to west?

rivers flow west because the elevation on the west side is higher then the elevation on the east side thats why rivers generally flow from west to east

Do all rivers flow to the East?

No. Whoever says that does not know what they are talking about. The Mississippi River, for example, flows South, Southeast, and East.