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Which doctor should you approach for erect penis not hard enough to penetrate?

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How hard should erect penis be?

Answer   It all depends on what point you are at in the erection, but usually it's very stiff and it's hard to bend or move the penis.

Hi is it normal and enough for penetration when the straight erect penis can be bent little bit towards abdomen in the middle of it I mean bent not at the base of the penis but in the middle of it.?

  They come in all different shapes and sizes and directions. They all get the job done. Some are basicly straight, some have an even curve to them and some have an angle.

What causes an erect penis not to be hard enough to penetrate?

It depends on the individual. If the male is middle-age or older, it could be caused by restricted blood flow through the Dorsal Artery or any point of blood flow to the Dorsa

How quickly should your penis erect?

Some guys are up in seconds, some take a minute or two. It all depends on how aroused you are.

What can do to make a penis hard enough for penetration?

Do foreplay before you penerated or tell your girlfriend to suck it as it will get hard and will be easy to penerate. As there are other alternative also like some medication

Why my Penis is not hard enough to insert?

it could just be that she is not tite enough for you that's all. or your just to little. or you make her so wet she gets way lubricated and bam just pop it in..... the last on