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Which ear for a mans ear ring Is one side left or right mean something such as Gay?

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Some say if you have an earring in the left ear it shows that you are gay. This is true.

I must say, I completely disagree with that quote. Both my brother and father have earrings in their left ears, and I assure you neither are gay! I have known dozens upon dozens of straight men who wear earrings on their left ear, right ear, or both ears. It means absolutely nothing.

You are queer as a three dollar bill if you have right earring, left ear you are cool.

It seems that the right ear is the one that means that. Sure, some think either ear on a man means that. Now, if you go by the old gay handkerchief codes, you can assume that either ear could mean gay, but that there is a distinction. The handkerchief code states that a handkerchief in the right pocket means you are the "receiver" (gay bottom) but that the left side means you are the giver (gay top). So maybe that applied to earrings as well. So the left ear was more popular since, even if someone used that to accuse them of being gay, it would mean a less marginalized type of gay person, since gay tops could pass for straight.
Nowadays, all of the above is moot. More heterosexual men wear earrings than gay men. Now that the gay community is out and more accepted, using earrings to hint that one is gay is mostly obsolete.
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