When does Season 3 of Warehouse 13 start?

SGU, which shares the day/time slot with Warehouse 13, has tofinish its back half of episodes and it's slated to return inApril. Once SGU's done, it will be late June and ther (MORE)
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Will Pete and Myka kiss in Warehouse 13?

Yes, they will. I forgot in which episod but they'll kiss in a hotel. Myka kiss Pete because she wanted to look like she have got a boyfriend because there was a man she had k (MORE)
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What are the features of a good warehouse?

1- good ventilation 2. Controlling humidity device 3. good light 4. coding the items 5. Moderate temperature 6. strong racks 7. Categorizing ( classifications) 8. honest manag (MORE)
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Who is the FBI agent on warehouse 13?

There isn't an FBI agent on Warehouse 13. Pete Latimer and Myka Bering are former Secret Service agents that became Warehouse 13 agents.

Will there be a Christmas episode of Warehouse 13 in 2012?

No. According to Saul Rubinek in his Q&A answer video on the Warehouse 13 Facebook page. Syfy asked for 20 episodes for Season 4, 10 in summer of 2012 and 10 more beginning in (MORE)