Which evangelist wrote the genealogy of Jesus?

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There are two genealogies of Jesus, through his father Joseph and back through the male line - one in Matthew's Gospel and one in Luke's Gospel. Raymond E. Brown (An Introduction to the New Testament) says that there is little likelihood that the genealogy in either Matthew or Luke is strictly historical. Quite simply, neither author knew anything about the infancy and ancestry of Jesus, but felt that their readers needed to be told something.

Matthew wrote an infancy story that drew parallels between Jesus and Moses. He had Joseph go to Egypt, parallelling the Old Testament Joseph, and the king killed all the infants under two years out of fear of Jesus, just as the Egyptian king of the Old Testament killed all the infants under two out of fear of Moses. So the father of Joseph just had to be called Jacob. Both authors knew the the power of numerology to convince the superstitious people of their time, and the numbers 7 and 14 had particular importance. Matthew demonstrated that there were 14 generations: from Abraham to David; from David to Josiah; from Josiah to Jesus. To do this, he had to ignore 3 kings in the Old Testament and have David in the preceding (as 14) and following (as 1) groups, but not so Josiah.

Luke, writing about twenty years after Matthew, knew nothing of what Matthew had said. He lacked Matthew's subtle ability to use the Old Testament to foreshadow Jesus, but had considerable ability in the art of Greek rhetoric. Instead of relying on the Old Testamant to the extent that Matthew did, he relied on history sources, particularly the works of Josephus, to give his gospel the appearance of authenticity. He had no reason to consider the name Jacob for the father of Joseph, and chose Heli. Luke had great men occur in multiples of 7 generations starting from Adam, with: Enoch at 7; Abraham at 21; David at 35; Jesus at 77. He also had: Joseph at 42 and 70; Jesus (Jose) at 49. To do this, he had to insert his own fictitious people into the Old Testament list: Kainan at 13; Admin at 28.
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