How does a penis get erect?

Blood rushes into it when the male gets aroused causing the erection.

How a penis erect?

after sexually stimulated blood is pmped in to itmmaking it errect and stiff till he attain orgasam blood goes back after its mission

Why penis erect?

Blood flows into the penis through arteries deep inside, and flows back out through veins near the surface. Sexual stimulation causes muscles at the base of the penis to tigh

Why is my penis not erect?

You should consult your practitioner. You may be having a side effect from a prescription drug, or you may have erectile dysfunction from some other cause. Don't try to treat

Why does the penis get erected?

The penis needs to be erect so it can fertilise the female of the species and so continue the human race. "A soft penis never makes no children," as Confucious often said. So

What is an erection of the penis?

It is where you get sexually aroused. You brain tells your body to fill you penis with blood so it will go into a female better. When the penis fills up with blood and become'

What is an erect penis?

  A stage when two tubular structures in the penis become enhanced with blood, causing them to stretch, while stretching the penis as well.

When does the penis erect?

    when a male get aroused it filled with blood making it erect.

Where is the erection on the penis?

An erection is simply the flow of blood into the penis, once enough blood is inside the penis, it tightens, and lets none out. Contrary to popular belief, there is no muscle i