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Which household products have the highest emission of ethyl benzene?

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Ethyl benzene is most commonly found in: coal tar, petroleum, ink, pesticides, and paint. Answer: You may be exposed to ethylbenzene from the use of:
  • Gasoline
  • Tobbacco products
  • From its use as a solvent in:
- pesticides
- carpet glues
- varnishes
- paints
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Household acidic products?

vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, apple, batterie acid. Things like soap, bleach and most household cleaners are NOT acids, most are bases.

What are some explosive household products?

All aerosol containers are explosive, so there's air freshener, spray paint, some sort of household pesticide in an aerosol. There's also propane tanks, in barbeques and if

What household products have elements in them?

  All household products have some combination of "elements".   Some examples are:   Common table salt (NaCl)- sodium and chlorine, some may also have magnesium and

What household product kills ants?

you could pour detergent on them which will clog their pours and they will die

What Household product to make you vomit?

    A couple tablespoons of baking soda will do the trick, for sure.

What household products can you smoke?

  tea (ive heard Earm Greay Aromatics is good) dried banana skins - apparently it's strong so watch out oregami - doesn't do much but tastes good basil - works for s

What household products contain iodine?

Household cleaning products contain iodine and many people have  iodine in topical disinfectants and antiseptics. Common table salt  that most people use contains iodine.
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What are some corrosive household products?

Corrosive poisons are mostly in cleaning products   Bleach, disinfectants, Drain cleaner