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Which is a good wide angle lens for Nikon D40X. I need good picture of our products in Silverware?

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The sigma 10-20mm EX DC HSM is a great wideangle lens with the Hyper sonic motor you need for Focusing and metering on the DX format. The Nikon 12-24 AF-s DX is quality too - but MUCH more expensive.
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What lenses are compatible with Nikon d40x?

  All lenses with Nikon mount are compatible with Nikon D40. If the question rephrase : "What lenses are able to autofocus with Nikon D40", then the answer is : the new Ni

How does the Nikon D60 compare with the Nikon D40x?

  Well the D60 is better because it is more advanced, it has better quality (6 megapixels vs. 10 megapixels). If you buy the kit, the 18-55mm lens will come with vibration

What is a good lens for a Nikon D200 in the price range of 250 dollars?

  This is rather vague as it depends on what you want to photograph. Having said that, the "standard" 50mm f1.4 lens is good value and very fast, its also around your budg

What is a good zoom lens for Nikon d300?

  It does depend on what kind of photography you want to do; if you want to do sports photography then you need a quite different lens from a landscape or portrait photogr

Which is a good wide angle lens for Nikon D40X i need good close up picture of our large products in Silverware brass and they are shiny products?

  When photographing highly reflective objects, the lens is far less important than the lighting, and the lighting depends on what effect you are after. This is one of the

Can you take a bokeh picture with a Nikon d40x?

Generally, you can with all cameras. All you need is a shallow depth of field. You can achieve this by using a low aperture (ex. f/2.8, f/1.8) The lower the f/#, the shallower

Do Nikon cameras take good pictures?

The quality of a Nikon depends on the models, but typically in the models from the past couple years the image stabilizers inside the lower end models are fairly cheap. This m

What is a Wide-angle lens in photography?

Typically a lense of shorter focal length than 35mm. It is called wide-angle because the angle of view is wide, up to 180 degrees for some fisheye lenses.
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How much is the Nikon d40x online?

The price of the Nikon d40x online price can varie depending which retailer product is purchased from. You can check prize comparison sites to check different prices against m

What is the widest wide angle lens?

Photographic lenses with extremely wide angle of view are also  known as 'fish eye' lenses, and usually have an angle of view of  100 - 180 degrees. They are also commonly u