Which is better blackberry bold 9900 or blackberry torch 9010?

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black berry bold 9900
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What is better blackberry curve 8900 or blackberry bold 9000?

my opinion is the Bold is a much better phone, yes because of the 3G, but also because it was more options, and applications, and it's more stable than the curve... i had the curve for more than a year, and dieing to get a bold... . It is really up to you but in my opinion the Bold is a better (MORE)

What is better blackberry bold or curve?

Curve 8520 is the worst one you can get, they fall apart instantly because they're really badly made. The Curve 9360 is the best curve you can get in my opinion but the battery life is horrible, lasts about 6 hours if you're on it most of the time. I'd say all the bolds are average apart from the 99 (MORE)

Is the blackberry torch a good phone?

Yes. It has a 5 mega pixel camera, the Torch 9800/9810 has a slideout keyboard, and the 9850 has a virtual keyboard (and full touchscreen). Smooth slider. Survives drops from 5 feet high (personalexperience). Very good looking phone. Touch screen - VERYresponsive. It has WiFi and mobile data. You ca (MORE)

How much memory does the blackberry torch have?

RAM: 512MB -- for running apps ROM: 512MB -- for apps Storage: 4GB integrated -- for videos/music/pictures/documents 4GB microSD card* -- for videos/music/pictures/documents * microSD card is bundled by some network providers. It can be removed and replaced with another microSD card with upto 32 (MORE)

How is the Blackberry Torch related to technology?

The BlackBerry Torch is a smartphone. A smartphone is comprised of many, many technologies. The BlackBerry Torch is a combination of radio technology, screen technology, software technology, battery technology, manufacturing technology, etc.

Where was the Blackberry Torch 9800 made?

The Product and Idea behind the new Blackberry Torch 9800 belongs to the company RIM but the parts inside and put together was in china because the labour is cheap in china. just like every high roller companies invest in overseas because of its cheap labour

How do you remove the battery from a blackberry torch?

I found it hard at first but now i find it really easy. First just take the cover off by sliding it downwards. Then put your nail in the whole next to the battery on the left hand side and just pull the battery out.

How we can know the fake blackberry torch?

the fake torch comes with a dual sim. also the back cover and the batteries are different. If you get a chance to switch it on, then it will not have a blackberry messenger. also the green answer key and the center track ball are different

Does the blackberry torch have a webcam?

Nah, because they want put webcam on the next genaration bb torch, so that they will increase their sells, they know that in the world they lare people looking for webcam on bb torch, so if they put webcam on the next genaration we all gnna follow that . Its business babe

What phone is better Samsung Galaxy s or blackberry torch?

This is an opinion question, but since you asked it here i guess that's what you're looking for. So I'll share mine. I would most defiantly chose the Samsung Galaxy S over the blackberry torch. I completely and utterly love the android OS and that's a big reason why I would pick a Galaxy S, but also (MORE)

What is better iPhone 4 or blackberry torch?

I would say that the blackberry torch is better than the iphone becauce its touch and keypad! And in iphone its only touch screen but it depends which you like! Well, my friend have both of them she said that iphone is hard to type and the blackberry torch its good to type its touch and keypad!

Does the Blackberry torch have a torch?

Should do! It has a flash on the back, and if it is anything like the iPhone you should be able (at the expense of hours worth of battery!) to be able to keep it on for a while rather than just flashing it.

What is bedside mode on a blackberry torch?

It's like a preset profile that you can set your phone to whilst you're sleeping so the flashing reception indicator (if on) is disabled or ringtones are silenced for example. Myself personally, I have the options set to disable the phone reception when I switch on bedside mode at night so I won't b (MORE)

What is better blackberry torch or iphone 2?

They are both the same and both have GREAT quality but if you are looking for a business phone go with the blackberry a torch or any kind is fine i think the iphone is more of a playful phone than business phone.

Is blackberry torch better than iphone4?

actually the iphone 4 is better but only with a teeny weeny bit but .. the blackberry torch is much cheaper than a iphone 4 and if you would ask me i would prefer a blacberry torch !!!!

Is Samsung Galaxy Nexus better than Blackberry Bold?

The Galaxy Nexus has a clear advantage on display since it's atouchscreen smartphone (4.65 inch screen) vs. a smartphone with aphysical keyboard (2.8 inch screen). Speaking of keyboards, it'spersonal opinion on which type of keyboard you would prefer(touchscreen vs. physical). The Galaxy Nexus is li (MORE)