Which is bigger a water molecule or a sugar molecule?

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The sugar molecule is larger.
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Does sugar have more molecules than water?

Perhaps you mean: Does sugar have more atoms than water? In a certain fixed mass of sugar/water, there will be more molecules of water than of sugar since the molecular mas

What is a sugar molecule?

The word 'sugar' is used by biologists to cover a range of molecules but the main 3 are Sucrose, Maltose and Lactose. These molecules are dimers (made up of pairs of smaller m

Is a sugar molecule bigger than a water molecule?

Yes. Table sugar consists of an organic molecule known as sucrose. Sucrose contains many carbon and hydrogen atoms. Because of this, a molecule of sugar is much large than a m

Is a sugar molecule bigger than salt and why?

A sugar molecule is quite a bit larger than salt molecules. Why? Sugar is an organic molecule made of Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxgen the ratios and exact structure vary with the type

How can molecules of sugar be dissolved by molecules of water?

When crystallized sugar is put into water, the H 2 O molecules separate the sugar molecules from each other. This happens because both H 2 O and sugar molecules are polar. The

Is water a part of sugar molecule?

No, A sugar molecule has hydrogen and oxygen in it, but it is by no means water. It has to be a separate compound to be considered water.