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Which is colder the North or South Pole?

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Taking an average temperature over a period of time, the South Pole averages 30 degrees lower than the North Pole. The South Pole is colder, by about 30 degrees F, because of it being located on a continent -- Antarctica. The North Pole is located on sea ice.
The coldest place in the world, is Antarctica, where you can find the South Pole. The coldest atmospheric temperature ever recorded there (or anywhere on earth) was -89.6 degrees Celsius (-128.5 degrees Fahrenheit) at Vostok, Antarctica on July 21st, 1983.
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Which is colder the North Pole or the South Pole?

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Yes, it is   Another Answer   Antarctica is a land mass, which holds the cold, unlike the the  northern polar region, which is water covered by sea ice.  Antarctica

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The North Pole is in the Arctic.   If you meant to compare the North Pole to Antarctica, the south  Pole, please know that Antarctica is about 30 degrees F colder than