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What is the correct usage of the word awoken?

Awoken most certainly is a word; it comes from the old English verb "awake" and it means woken up, or made awake. The correct usage is anywhere that it could be replaced by (MORE)

What is the correct usage for an?

The word 'an' is a variation of the indefinite article 'a' and is used when the first sound of the word following the article is that of a vowel.. Examples are: an apple, an (MORE)
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Correct usage of has and have?

Depending on the pronoun, you would use either has or have. The following a list of when to use 'has' or 'have': . I have . you have . he/she has . it has . they have . (MORE)
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Kindly do the needful - is this a correct usage?

It's antiquated and sounds strange to English ears, but there's nothing particularly wrong with it in and of itself. It's a phrase I hear often from Indian colleagues but is (MORE)
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What is the correct usage for between she and you?

"Between you and her" (or her and you) is correct. The nominative "she" may never be the object of the preposition "between." "She" is used in a sentence to refer to the per (MORE)