Which is largest solar system universe or galaxy?

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A solar system is a star with planets going around. Like our sun (which is a star) and all of its planets. A solar system is the smallest of your three. A galaxy is a group (millions) of stars, each of which may or may not have planets. The universe is everything, which includes hundreds of thousands of galaxies and other stuff too. Since it is everything it is the largest.
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Largest to smallest universe galaxy solar system milky way?

Universe-milkyway-galaxy(*)-solar system It could also be Universe-galaxy(*)-milkyway-solar system (*) It depends on the size of the galaxy. The milkyway is large gallaxy

Is Andromeda the largest galaxy in your solar system?

Andromeda is a fairly large galaxy around 2 million light years away, it's not in our solar system or even in our galaxy. It's a huge separate group of billions of stars, each

How is the galaxy solar system and universe related?

Due to the interactions of two effects, gravity and angular momentum, lighter bodies orbit around heavier ones. In the case of a solar system, planets (and other stuff) orbit

Are planets in the universe or galaxy or solar system?

They are in all three. Planets are in solar systems. There are lots of solar systems in a galaxy. There are lots of galaxies in the universe. So any planet is in a solar syste