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How are marine organisms classified?

Marine organisms are classified by how they move and where they  live. Their habitats may range from the surface water, to the ocean  trenches.

What category of the classification system has the most organisms?

Kingdom is the biological classification group that has the mostorganisms..then phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. A way to remember them: King Philip Came Over For

What are shells of marine organisms composed of?

The bulk of marine skeletal remains are composed of the mineral  calcite. Some marine organisms also have shells of aragonite or  silica.
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Why is estuary important to marine organisms?

Estuaries are where rivers flow into the ocean. They are important as breeding grounds for many fishes and other organisms. It is often used by migratory waterfowl in addition
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How can marine organisms osmoregulate?

  Straight from my Biology book. The fish constantly gains water by osmosis through its body surface, esp thru its gills. It also loses salt by diffusion to its more dil