Which is smaller Planck time or yoctosecond?

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Planck Time Because 5.4*10^-44 seconds
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How fast is Planck time?

Planck length and Planck time . Planck time is the time it would take a photon moving at the speed of light in a vacuum to cross a distance equal to the Planck length.. The

How many yoctoseconds in a nanosecond?

There is a yoctosecond in a MKS (metric system) 1000 yoctoseconds - 1 zeptosecond 1000 zeptoseconds = 1 attosecond 1000 attoseconds = 1 femtosecond 1000 femtoseconds = 1 picos

What is smaller a yoctosecond or a zeptosecond?

There are 1000 yoctoseconds in one zeptosecond. Therefore, a yoctosecond is oen thousandth the length of a zeptosecond. As of 2011, yocto- is the smallest SI prefix in use