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Despite what the previous answer said, this IS a matter of opinion. Every unit has its successes and failures. The above answer of Delta being the best is both right and wrong. Delta has numerous operations under its belt, most of which aren't even heard of outside of special operations circles. Most of the time, the public only hears of a special operation when it directly involves public interest, such as the DevGru operation that killed bin Laden or the Delta operation that captured Saddam Hussein, or if it fails and operators are killed, like what happened in Somalia in 1993.

A lot of these operations are carried out by who happens to be the closest available unit. DevGru's Red Squadron was the one who killed bin Laden because they were coming home from a tour in Afghanistan and could be redirected at the last minute without raising any alarms with Pakistani Intelligence until it was too late. Delta captured Saddam Hussein as part of Joint Task Force 121, which was a Tier-1 special operations task force assigned to capture and kill High Value Targets (HVTs), such as Saddam, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Delta was also the unit that killed al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda's No.2 in Iraq, by calling in an airstrike on his location.

As for the mission in Somalia in 1993, the operation was both a success and a failure. All of the Tier One units were involved in some capacity: Delta's C-Squadron was the main assault force for the task force, while DevGru had a small 5-man team attached to the rescue convoy, and the 24th Special Tactics Squadron had a group of Pararescuemen and Combat Controllers on the CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) team, who assisted with casualties when the first helicopter was shot down and directed air support from the remaining Blackhawks and Little Birds, respectively.
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