Which is the best os android or bada?

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Now a days Android operating system is most popular and samsung is ... Bada OSis much better than android in Customization and Interface.
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Which is better Windows OS or Android OS?

android os is best for games and apps offering up to 20,000 aps (roughly), where as windows offers only 1,000 apps. But dont let that put you off though, windows is simple, ef

How do you get Android OS?

Android OS is typically pre-installed in various Android devices,which includes smartphones, tablets, cameras, smartwatches,consoles, and so on. Updates to the OS happen perio

What is the difference between Android and Android OS?

Well, if you are talking in context with operating system available for mobile devices then both of them are same, " Android and Android OS" . It depends on the context but i

Which one is better bada or android?

It depends on what you want for your phone. I think that Android is better. Why? Because it offers you the unique opportunity to personalize your phone, to download a lot of a

Can you replace Bada OS to Android OS?

It is possible. However, if you do this you should save anyimportant files before proceeding, as you could run the risk ofbricking the phone if not installed properly. See the

How you replace bada os to android os?

Simply replacing Bada OS to Android OS isn't that simple. Thedevice has to be able to handle porting in a totally different OSfrom its native Bada. Also, it depends on if the