Which is the best sailing route from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Puerto Rico?

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head southeast
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What is the best route to drive from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale?

It is 1467-miles from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, and takes21-hours and 27-minutes to drive that distance. The best route isto enter the US at Pease Bridge Plaza, NY. Take I-9

How long does it take to sail from Puerto Rico to Florida?

The distance between the above places is approximately equal to 1099 nautical miles. To convert miles to nautical miles, multiply the miles by 0.86. This is point to point str

Fastest route from fort lauderdale Florida to portland Oregon?

Take Florida's Turnpike (toll) NORTH to I-75 NORTH. . Take I-75 NORTH to I-10 to JACKSONVILLE and TALLAHASSEE. You want I-10 WEST to TALAHASSEE. . Take I-10 across the count

Best route from Sarasota to fort lauderdale?

Take I-75 SOUTH to Ft. Lauderdale. To get to Ft. Lauderdale proper, take I-595 EAST (EXIT 19 off I-75). You will be going across Alligator Alley which is a toll road. The t
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What route is better driving from fort lauderdale to naple or Tampa to naple Florida?

Define "better." They're different sections of I-75, so it's mostly interstate driving. Fort Lauderdale to Naples is better known as "Alligator Alley." It's shorter and faster