Which is the biggest solar system in the universe?

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There is only one solar system in the universe and that is ours.
Not much is known yet about solar systems (or stellar systems) outside our own. Planets have been found around a few thousand stars - out of the estimated 10 to the power 22 in the observable Universe.
You would also have to clarify what you mean by "biggest". Do you mean:
* Largest star (in diameter)?
* Largest star (in mass)?
* Largest number of planets above a certain mass or size limit (the limit would have to be specified)?
* Largest total mass of planets?
* Largest diameter of orbit, of the outermost planet?
* Or perhaps some other criterion.
Whichever criterion you choose - you won't get a very reliable answer yet, based on the limited amount of observational evidence.
Totally unknown.
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Is the biggest star in the universe bigger than your solar system?

Maybe. The biggest known star is way past the orbit of Jupiter (Source for everything-Science Channel: How The Universe Works; Extreme Stars) . note: Biggest star is said t

What is the biggest satellite in the solar system of?

Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, is the largest natural satellite inour solar system. But you could argue that Jupiter is the largestas it is a satellite of our sun. You could als