Which is the highest selling death metal album?

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To date it is Morbid Angel's Covenant with sales over 127,000 in the US alone.
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What is the highest selling car in history?

Answer . \nBest-selling models:\n. \n* Best-selling car nameplate - Toyota Corolla (more than 32,000,000 sold in nine generations since 1966)\n. \n* Best-selling vehicle nameplate - Toyota Corolla (more than 32,000,000 sold in nine generations since 1966)\n. \n* Best-selling single model - Vol (MORE)

Which are the 10 highest selling rock albums of the 1980's?

\n1) Thriller - Michael Jackson\n. \n2) Hysteria - Def Leppard\n. \n3) Back in Black - ACDC\n. \n4) Pyromania - Def Leppard\n. \n5) Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses\n. \n6) Born in the U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen\n. \n7) Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi\n. \n8) 1984 - Van Halen\n. \n9) Wh (MORE)

Which are the 10 highest selling albums ever?

1. Thriller - Michael Jackson\n. \n2. Back in Black - AC/DC\n. \n3. Eagles Greatest Hits (71'to 75') - The Eagles\n. \n4. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd \n. \n5. Come On Over - Shania Twain\n. \n6. The Bodyguard Sound Track - Whitney Houston/Various Artists\n. \n7. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hea (MORE)

Who can you sell autographed albums to?

You can sell autographed albums to record collectors. You can alsosell them to fans of the person who autographed them. Anotherperson who would be interested is one who collects autographs.

Highest selling female singer?

Nana Mouskouri (Greek: Νάνα Μούσχουρη, born Ioanna Mouskouri in Chania, Crete, Greece) is a Greek singer and politician. She was known as Nana to her friends and family as a child. She is the world's highest-selling female recording artist, having sold over 300 (MORE)

Fastest selling album?

The current record for the fastest selling album in the UnitedStates belongs to No Strings Attached by 'N Sync. It was releasedin 2000.

Which metal has highest reflective index?

i think aluminium, its the most common reflective one anyway. Actually I am in the middle of a project that requires this information. Silver exceeds aluminum. Silver has a 98% RI and Aluminum is 90%.

Highest selling video game?

Call of duty was/is the highest selling and besting game around. -ShaneTFletcher EDIT- Released In 1984Tetris has the highest amount of copes sold at 143 million. Tetris has sold 53.6135% more than the second best selling game Wii Sports at 82.54 million. - 10/23/2014

What are the five biggest selling Heavy Metal albums of all time?

back in black by acdc sold 42 million (if you consider them metal which i personally dont). hybrid theory by linkin park sold 24 million. black album by metallica sold 22 million. couldnt tell the rest but it is sure to be by bands like limp bizkit iron maiden black sabbath

Which metals have the highest melting point?

The metals with the highest melting points are tungsten (W),which melts at 3,695 K or 3,422 °C, rhenium (Re), which melts at 3,459 K, osmium (Os), which melts at 3,306 K, and tantalum (Ta), which melts at 3,290 K. Out of the elemental metals, Pure Tungsten (W) is highest melting metal. (MORE)

What rapper had the highest album sales?

MC Gangster Bob's debut album, "I Kilt Your Moms PT. 1" sold 25 million records in Holland this year. He had beef with Derek The Rappin Foo which boosted his album sales due to the beef track on the album titled, "Shootin Mother Fukkers Brains Off". However, they where both tragically killed trying (MORE)

Who is the best selling death metal band of all time?

This question can be a bit more ambiguous than you realise. Out of all the band which played Death Metal, Sepultura would be it. However, none of the albums they released during their Death Metal period would be particularly high grossing albums. Out of straightforward, true-to-form Death Metal band (MORE)

What artist has the highest album sales?

Michael Jackson- thriller- 100 million off one album. the beatles- 270 million whole career Elvis- 266 million whole career Michael Jackson- 150 million whole career.

Best black metal album?

mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'' is considered ,not only tghe best black metal album , but also the first proper. I really like Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger. I would definitely have to note The Age of Nero. Namely the first three tracks, (Commando, The Wolfpack, and Black Crow on a To (MORE)

What is the average length of a metal album?

Stupid question, Metal fans cant count, (thats why slipknot members have to be numbered) so no one actually knows how long they last!!! ^Stupid answer^ Metal fans can count, but metal albums vary immensely in length. I have some albums that last barely half an hour, and others that don't fit onto (MORE)

What metal has the highest melting temp?

Do you mean the pure, elemental form of a metal? The element Tungsten has the highest melting point (Solid to liquid), which is 3695 K (3422 o C, 6191.6 o F)

Which is the greatest heavy metal album?

"black sabbath", "paranoid", and "master of reality", all by black sabbath, are probably the most phenomenal records in the creation of heavy metal, but i am going to hav to say that "master of puppets" by metallica is the greatest heavy metal album. mop is more important in the improvement and wide (MORE)

What was Madonna's highest selling record?

The Immaculate Collection is the first greatest hits album by American singer-songwriter Madonna released in 1989. The album is the best-selling compilation ever released by a female artist, with (estimated) more than 22 million copies sold worldwide.. "The Immaculate Collection" spent two weeks at (MORE)

How many albums did the Bad album sell?

Be careful how you word your questions; there's a world of difference between 'the bad album' and 'the Bad album'. Michael Jackson's Bad has sold more than thirty million copies worldwide. For any other artist, that would be outstanding; but for Jackson, that's only his fourth-best selling al (MORE)

Which is the highest selling touch phone?

Iphone... it has beat every single manufacturer ever since it was introduced ... I am talking past 2-3 years when touch screens start getting attention. Thanks to iphone now every single other manufacturer is forced to catchup and when they do that, its a win-win situation for consumers. I am no app (MORE)

Did Johnny Cash sell more albums before his death or after?

For recording artists who are a hit, and have millions of fans, the artists sell alot while alive, but, tend to sell more of the work they leave behind after their death. Johnny Cash is one of them. Other artists whose albums sell big since they have gone also include ~ Elvis Presley ~ Tammy Wyne (MORE)

How many albums did will young albums sell?

I don't think the question makes sense does it ?LOL- it must have been strangely computer generated with an algorithm that sometimes misses the mark?? IF someone can answer the question I would be REAL interested to read their answer (answers to questions should make as much sense as the question so (MORE)

Can i know the best death metal albums?

The short answer is no. While there are a number of very much lauded bands/albums regarded as essential , as with any genre there is too much scope for conjecture to name the " best " albums without starting a major internet argument. There have been a number of entry point books published in (MORE)

What are the top ten highest selling music albums of all time?

1 - Michael Jackson - Thriller 2 - AC/DC - Black in Black 3 - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon 4 - Whitney Houston - The Bodyguard 5 - Meat Loaf -- Bat Out of Hell 6 - Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 7 - Various - Dirty Dancing 8 - Backstreet Boys - Millennnium 9 - Bee Gees - Saturday N (MORE)

What is best selling rock album?

'Back in Black' by AC/DC is the best selling rock album of all time, selling over 49 million copies worldwide. It is actually the second best selling album of all genres, second only to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', which is pop.

Where do they sell Lady Antebellum album?

Here are the places they sell the Lady Antebellum album, Need You Now: Walmart ~ $11.88 Target ~ $11.98 Borders (Books Music and Cafe) ~ $17.99 Hot Topic ~ $13.99 Barnes and Noble ~ $8.99 There you go! Hope that helps! ~Soccerrae

What is the highest selling Ferrari car?

It has to be the F430 as each entry level super car from Ferrari usually sells more than its predecessor (I don't know if any official numbers are available). The 360 used to be the best selling Ferrari ever.

What is the highest selling thing in Dubai?

You can buy a cup of coffee near the top of the Burj Khalife. At over 780m tall it has to be one of the highest selling things anywhere in the world. If you mean in monetary value then anything your heart desires and wallet can afford can be purchased in Dubai. On the ridiculous side one mall was re (MORE)