Which is the largest Navy in the world?

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INDIAN NAVY is the largest and the most powerful NAVY in the whole world
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Who has the largest navy in the world?

The United States Navy, for now. Before WWII, the British RoyalNavy was supreme. IN the future, who knows? The USA is in decline,and both Russia and China are expanding their

Which country had the largest navy in world war 1?

During World War I, it was the British Empire that had the largestnavy out of all of the combatants. As part of their venerablemaritime tradition while also a function of thei

Who had the largest navy in world war 2?

first answer: The three largest navies in the world at the start in 1939 were United States, Great Britain & Japan. The US & GB navies were about the same size at the start. B

ROYAL NAVY with the dominion and commonwealth navies are they the largest fleet in the world?

Once upon a time everyone said Rule Britannia and it was true with an empire not too much smaller than the moon the Royal Navy at its Peak had 41 Battleships and 9 Battlecruis
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Who has the Seventh largest navy in the world?

I Belive it is Jason Gilchrist, Campbell Craig and Colm Jamison Island. The island was named after the three ever presidents of the Rights for Gays International Group
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Is the US navy the third largest navy in the world?

No. The US Navy is both the largest and most modern navy in the world. Top 10 navies in the world: USA 683,500 total (433,500 sailors + 250,000 marines) (289 ships,