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Roses are considered the most romantic flowers. Red represents love, and yellow means friendship. Although roses are extremely beautiful, there are other flowers that are now becoming very popular, as well. Orchids, carnations; and lilies are often sought out because of their durability.
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What is the most popular flower for a funeral?

Traditionally, red roses, red or white carnations, or any white flower (especially lilies), but the customs of cultures vary and so do the flowers that are associated with dea

Which is the most popular funeral flowers?

Despite being considered common and inexpensive, carnations still remain as the most widely used flower for any occasion, including funerals. Their frilly petals and rainbow o

What is Mexico's most popular flower?

The Poinsettia or Flor de nochebuena is the most popular, specially around Christmas. Other popular flowers include the Zempasucithl or Mexican Marigold, sunflowers, carna