Which is the oldest industry in India?

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What tree is the oldest in India?

A mulberry tree [ Morus spp ] is the oldest tree in the state of Uttaranchal, and in fact of all India. Mulberries aren't known for being long lived. But the Badrinath Temple tree is beating the odds. Specifically, it's reputed to be at least 1,200 years old. It no longer fruits. But it still gr (MORE)

Which is the oldest tree in India?

•\nThe 450 year-old giant banyan tree at Adyar in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, in the grounds of the Theosophical Society headquarters under which people listened to discourses by luminaries such as J. Krishnamurti, Annie Besant and Maria Montessori is the oldest living tree in India..

What are the problems faced by industries in India?

The main problems which are faced are: These are all problems for obvious reasons. If countries are going to be looking to get their overseas products from other countries which are going to do the work and provide the products on a cheaper scale, then they are not going to want to do business (MORE)

Who is the oldest vice-president of India?

Ramaswamy Venkataraman was the oldest vice-president of India; he died at the age of 99 years old. He was born on December 4, 1910 and died on January 27, 2009, aside from being the vice-president of India he also became as the 8th president of India.

Industrial policy of 1991 in India?

STATEMENT ON INDUSTRIAL POLICY New Delhi, July 24, 1991. POLICY OBJECTIVES Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundations of modern India. His vision and determination have left a lasting impression on every facet of national endeavour since Independence. It is due to his initiative that India no (MORE)

Oldest temple in India?

Tanjore big temple.... still it is living......... i cant explain here about the beauty of the temple.....

What is the oldest municipality in India?

Chennai is the oldest municipality of India which dates back to 1688 (St. George was the protagonist). some website have Mussoorie as the place but this is very unlikely that the Britishers would have skipped rest of India and would have choosen Musoorie as the place. Reference: http://books.goog (MORE)

Where is the oldest tree of India?

When I sailed on merchant ships to India in the mid 1970's, I took a bus tour from one of the Southern India seaports. The details are far from clear. The port was likely either Madras or Cochin, both of which now go by more authentic names rather than these given to them by English colonial rulers. (MORE)

Which is the Oldest national park in India?

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India andwas established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect theendangered Bengal tiger. It is located in Nainital district ofUttarakhand and was named after Jim Corbett who played a key rolein its establishment.

Why industries in India named as India ltd?

It is not mandatory to name the company with "India Ltd". If the company is a Public Limited Company (i.e. the shares of the company is listed with any of the Stock exchanges in India), the Company's name shall end with "Ltd or Limited". Some companies while naming their company for their own reason (MORE)

Which is the oldest temple in India?

Nobody knows. In one temple in Lothal, near a city uncovered by archeologists and supposed to be 5,000 years old, in which the deity "Vaniar Devi" is still worshiped may be the oldest. Lothal was a sea-port and "Vaniar Devi" is related with trade. Similarly, temples in Kurukshetra, and crematoriums (MORE)

Which is the oldest building in India?

The oldest build in India is ashok ki laat. It is from the Harrapancivilization which has been proven to date back as far as 2600 BC.Most of the older buildings are dome shaped.

What is the impact of industrialization on India?

1.The long colonial rule crippled the crafts men and other workers of the social class . This later ( first war of independence) gave birth to a social class called the working which consisted of people of liberal minds. 2.the want for a better economy.

What is the oldest language in India?

Tamil Sanskrit The Linguistic mother of India is simply Tamil and Sanskrit . Sanskrit is just the mother of Indo Aryan languages , a langugaes created by the nomadic aryans around 1500bc, Tamil on the other hand is the language of the Indus Soil, it is regardless of North or South of India as it h (MORE)

What is the biggest industry in India?

I think it is Steel. No, the biggest industry in India is Agriculture then garment industry then real estate . but Now a days the few other industries like telecomm and IT has come up , which are also considered one of the biggest in India .

How many types of industry is there India?

Accounting Advertisement Association/Society Authority Banking Construction Educational Institution Hospatality Information Technology Law/Legal Logistics Media Miscellaneous Private Manufacturing Entertainment Financial Insurance NGO Automobile Textile Telecommunication Infrastructure. There are m (MORE)

What is the oldest religion in India?

The rich cultural heritage of India has birthed four majorreligions, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Of those,Hinduism is considered to be the oldest religion in both India andthe world with roots tracing back to antiquity.

Industrial regions of India?

There are six major industrial regions in India- 1) Kolkata-Hugli region (West Bengal). 2) Mumbai-Pune region (Maharashtra). 3) Bengaluru-Coimbatore-Madurai-Tuticorin region (Tamil Nadu). 4) Ahmedabad-Vadodra region (Gujarat). 5) Chhotanagpur region. 6) Delhi and NCR region. .

India is the oldest country in the world?

"Yes India is the oldest country inthe world because the 1st human civilization th indus vally civilization formed here in ancient India "India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of traditio (MORE)

Which is indias oldest paramilitary force?

assam rifels well actually it was founded in british times..1835 to be exact as cachar levy comprising of 750 men. it's existence as assam rifles is almost coincident with the indo tibetian border force both being setup in 1962 during the indo Chinese war

What are the oldest languages in India?

Tamil is the very First and Oldest Language in the World It is proved by lot of Scientist and also accepted by most of the scientists. Before Aryans(Sanskrit) comes to India, Dravidian(Tamil) people living in Indai with high standard. Even Aryans don't have any specific language when they comes (MORE)

Where in India are the most automobile industry?

Chennai is a major industrial hub. Automobile industry around Chennai is one of the most important industries based in this southern city. 35% of the automobile component market of India is also dependent on the automobile industry around Chennai.

Which bank is oldest in India?

\nThe oldest bank in existence in India is the "State Bank of India", a government-owned bank that traces its origins back to June 1806 and that is the largest commercial bank in the country.

Importance of tourism industries in India?

Taken from the related link posted below: "India's tourism industry is experiencing a strong period of growth, driven by the burgeoning Indian middle class, growth in high spending foreign tourists, and coordinated government campaigns to promote 'Incredible India'. "The tourism industry in In (MORE)

Which is the oldest fort in India?

According to me,this honour should go to the Kangra Fort in Kangra Valley H.P. which is more than 2 thousand years old ,one should visit this fort which only has ruins now but gives the pleasure of being a part of so lavish country.

How can tourism industry in India be improved?

Indian tourism has much potential but there are some things thathinder attracting the tourists from around the world. Tourism canbe improved by cleaning up the country which is polluted by opengarbage and drainage, laying good roads that makes placesaccessible, better and reliable means of transport (MORE)

History of tourism industry in India?

The history of the tourism industry in India is very long anddetailed. Because of its rich culture and extensive history, Indiahas been a place of high tourism for quite a while. Tourism is on asteady increase because more people can afford to visit.

Does India have the oldest democracy?

Many countries claim to have the oldest democracy including India.But in actuality it is Iceland. Their parliament which is known asthe Althing, has been in use since it was formed by the Vikings inthe year 930.

Location of industry in India?

Industry in India, or anywhere else, is not restricted to one particular area. It is usually in an area where the appropriate resources are to be found.

What are the reasons for industrial sickness in India?

The Problem of Industrial Sickness in India is of growing concern because it wastes capital apart from decrease in employment. Various committee appointed, found out many reasons for the Industrial Sickness. The important reasons are divided into-Internal and External reasons. First one is ass (MORE)

What is need of industrialization in India?

we must buy indian equipments and gadgets if they are avilable in india we must not buy it from forughin countries for the saving of money because it is leading our country back

Where is the oldest oil refinery in India?

The oldest refinery in India is the Digboi refinery situated in digboi (assam). It is also the Asia's oldest refinery and the digboi oil well is the world's oldest running oil well. The refinery started working from 1901. It was established by the british govt.

Which is the oldest rocks in India?

Earlier it was thought that the oldest rock of India belonged to sinngbhum craton (around 3700 my old). But as of now the oldest dated rock from India is TTG rocks from Bastar craton (roughly 3.8 by old).)

What is the oldest dynasty in India?

chalukyasI Improvement.The oldest known dynasty in India is the Chalukyas. There were different forms of the dynasty for the various regions. For example there were the Badami's ruling from Vatapi, The Eastern Chalukyas , Vengi, Kalyana.

Which is the oldest church in India?

In 52 A.D. Thomas Didaemus, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. is believed to have landed at Musiris (Cranganore) in Kerala. He made his first converts both Jews and Hindus at Palayur a town now in Trichur district, Kerala. There he built a small church with an altar, which he consecrated. T (MORE)

Indias oldest temple?

The Mundeshwari temple, built around 108 AD, is the oldest templein India that's still functioning.