Which kinds of governments are likely to infringe on human rights?

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Dictatorships. Why? Because a signle person is given the power to do whatever they want. Whether it be kill a certain type of race or go to war with a neighbouring country. With a dictatorship, the government is pretty much powerless, because the people vote on everything that goes on. I'll admit there are a few democracies out there that are corrupt and inefficient and try to get what they want done illegaly. But the people will always have the power to hire new people to fill any position they please, after the end of the job holders term.
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Do you believe that banning smoking is an infringement of human rights?

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Different kinds of human rights?

Most common and recognised rights are the following: Right to life Equality Human dignity Freedom and security of the person Freedom from slavery servitude and forc

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What act of congress infringed on individual rights like freedom of speech?

When the potential effectuation of a law enacted by Congress or other governmental action, infringes on the right to freedom of speech enumerated in Amendment I, this is known

What is infringement of rights?

not respecting an individual's rights not letting them practise their culture. this can lead to individuals feeling devalued and very sad, which will affect their health. fro

How are human rights exercised in a dictatorial government?

In a dictatorial government, there is only one leader who rules the country. Usually, he is able to take the highest seat in the government without being elected by the people

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Why do governments allow human right?

Governments allow human rights because otherwise bad things happen to planet Earth. If a society does not allow for human rights, the earth can change shape (think of a sphere

Is the statement government should respect and protect all rights of an individual unless they infringe on another individuals rights a liberal or libertarian statement?

It could be either a liberal or libertarian statement, though it is much more likely to be a libertarian one. In general, liberals and libertarians have a different conception

Do Australian anti-terrorism laws infringe on individuals' human rights?

Whilst this is a matter of opinion, most law-abiding Australiancitizens would say that anti-terrorism laws do not infringe onindividual human rights. They would rather be safe