Which kinds of governments are likely to infringe on human rights?

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Dictatorships. Why? Because a signle person is given the power to do whatever they want. Whether it be kill a certain type of race or go to war with a neighbouring country. With a dictatorship, the government is pretty much powerless, because the people vote on everything that goes on. I'll admit there are a few democracies out there that are corrupt and inefficient and try to get what they want done illegaly. But the people will always have the power to hire new people to fill any position they please, after the end of the job holders term.
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Is the government trying to take human rights away?

No. Human rights are not in danger of being taken away by theUnited States government unless we consider one particular area.That is the concerted efforts of certain political groups that areconstantly trying to affect health issues that concern only womenby trying to pass laws that affect only wome (MORE)

What is infringement?

An infringement is a minor offense which involves breaking theterms of a law or an agreement, or by simply violating a rule. Itcan sometimes lead to legal penalties.

Do you believe that banning smoking is an infringement of human rights?

In my opinion, yes! People have a tendency to squeal about second-hand smoke when they don't even begin to consider all the chemicals and carcinogens we are exposed to on a daily basis through food, beverages, tap water, household chemicals, and pollutants in the air. There are many more dangerous, (MORE)

Different kinds of human rights?

Most common and recognised rights are the following: Right to life Equality Human dignity Freedom and security of the person Freedom from slavery servitude and forced labour Privacy Freedom of Religion, belief and opinion Freedom of expression Freedom of association Political ri (MORE)

What kind of government does Australia have right now?

Australia is a democratic country and elects its government representatives every three years, the idea being that the elected representatives carry out the will of the people.. The Australian Labour Party, which is politically left of centre, currently constitutes the government of Australia and i (MORE)

What is infringed?

The word infringed means a law or an agreement has been violatedbreached. It usually refers to legal rights, such as a copyrightbeing infringed.

Did Executive Order 9066 infringe on the rights of Japanese living in the US as guaranteed by the Constitution?

The order violated virtually all of the rights that as citizens ofthe United States are supposed to be guaranteed by the UnitedStates Constitution. Japanese-Americans were denied due process andthe guarantee of â??life, liberty or propertyâ?? contained in theFifth Amendment of the Constitution (MORE)

What are children's rights that have been infringed?

Children generally have particularly no rights at all until they are 16. So, no Children's rights have been infringed.. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to people of all ages.. Children do have rights, but they are mainly defensive individuals and in the command of their parents (MORE)

What is copy right infringement used for?

'Copyright infringement' means the unauthorised copying, downloading, etc of copyright material - songs, photos, movies, texts etc. It is illegal and people caught doing it may be punished by the law.

What act of congress infringed on individual rights like freedom of speech?

When the potential effectuation of a law enacted by Congress or other governmental action, infringes on the right to freedom of speech enumerated in Amendment I, this is known as a prior restraint . Prior restraints essentially are government bans on speech or publication before its actual expressi (MORE)

What is infringment?

Infringement means a violation of one or more of the exclusive rights of a copyright owner.

What is the punishment for infringement of intellectual property rights?

It varies based on the type of property and extent of the infringement, but is often based on real damages : that is, you pay the rightsholder for the lost income. The law allows significantly higher fines, including prison sentences in extreme cases, and courts are often pressured by professional (MORE)

Is Defense of Marriage Act an infringement on states' rights?

Some could interpret it as such. Massachusetts has argued in federal court that the federal Defense of Marriage Act forces that state to discriminate against its own residents in the administration of certain entitlement programs funded (at least partially) by the federal government.

Which kind of country is most likely to have a federal system of government?

A country that is large is most likely to have a Federal System of Government. Any country can have a federal system if the population and/or groups representing the population agree to waive certain rights of a local government to a centralized form of government. The powers of the "federal" gover (MORE)

What is infringement of rights?

not respecting an individual's rights not letting them practise their culture. this can lead to individuals feeling devalued and very sad, which will affect their health. from HSC Level 3 Book1 :)

How are human rights exercised in a dictatorial government?

In a dictatorial government, there is only one leader who rules the country. Usually, he is able to take the highest seat in the government without being elected by the people. A dictator most often times use force to keep his control over almost anything about the country where he is. Aside from (MORE)

What does infringement of rights mean?

In relation to Health and Social Care, it means that someone or a cleints rights are being ignored or abused. It can also mean that the cleints rights may not be being met by the carer.

How do you sue your school regarding First Amendment Right infringement?

You go see a lawyer, who explains how much it will cost to do this, at which point you decide not to because you didn't feel that strongly about it after all. You might try contacting a group like the American Civil Liberties Union to see if they'd be willing to take the case pro bono (this l (MORE)

How can the government have control over human rights?

The government can enact and enforce laws on any matter that they choose, including the matter of human rights. Of course, law enforcement is never perfect, so government control over human rights is also imperfect.

Is copyright infringement like stealing?

For years, content owners and users have been arguing about whether using intellectual property without permission was the same as using real property without permission. If I take your watch, is it the same as "taking" your song? And what does it mean to "take" a song to begin with? A watch has (MORE)

Who is ruling Egypt right now and what kind of government is it?

Currently, Egypt is ruled by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. This started after Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt, decided to resign following the Egyptian Revolution that started on January 25, 2011. This military rule is temporary until the next presidential election later this (MORE)

Are human rights infringed if you are locked in a prison cell for 23 hours in a day for more than one day?

No. Human rights are not infringed upon. What right would be getting infringed upon? Prisoners that have been convicted by a jury of their peers and sentenced in accordance with guidelines set forth by the state are given that sentence. A person locked in their sell for 23 hours a day gets free hea (MORE)

How do some governments get away with denying their citizens human rights?

In general, governments are very powerful. As long as the military remains loyal to the government, it is possible to retain control of a country even if there is widespread resentment about the human rights situation. If you have the power to kill anybody who disagrees with you, it is then possible (MORE)

Are human rights infringed in treatments for mental health?

There is a history of mental health treatment being used as a guise for incarceration. (A pop culture reference to this is made in the film The Changeling, for example.) Mental health care itself generally requires the consent of the individual receiving treatment, and in situations where that cons (MORE)

Why do governments allow human right?

Governments allow human rights because otherwise bad things happen to planet Earth. If a society does not allow for human rights, the earth can change shape (think of a sphere turning into more of a cylinder) and the planet would no longer be blue. The oceans turn more of a red color, and the air is (MORE)

How black people's environmental rights may be infringed upon?

Environmental rights affect all people. those rights are infringed upon when corporations choose to dump wastes near residential areas, when waste plants are located in lower-income neighborhoods; and when serivces to clean up trash are reduced in those same neighborhoods.

Is the statement government should respect and protect all rights of an individual unless they infringe on another individuals rights a liberal or libertarian statement?

It could be either a liberal or libertarian statement, though it is much more likely to be a libertarian one. In general, liberals and libertarians have a different conception of rights, so, to a liberal, positive rights , or rights to some commodity (e.g.) education; healthcare; a minimum standard (MORE)

What kind of government existed after the English Bill of Rights?

The English Bill of Rights was enacted by Parliament in 1689 under William & Mary. The monarchy of England existed before and after the Bill of Rights was enacted, but it put limitations on monarchical power, similar to Magna Carta in 1215. The previous king, James II, was a firm absolutist, and was (MORE)

Is discrimination kind of violation of human rights?

Discrimination of individuals on the basis of caste, creed, color, ethnicity, race, sex and religion is violation of human rights. It is violation of the order of GOD also as per all religions. ( Only if you can interpret the same correctly, without ego being involved.) Providing benefits to weaker (MORE)

What excuse do government and human rights agencies often give for not considering woman's issues as human right issues?

Human rights agencies are notoriously unwilling to insert themselves in the affairs of a government unless it is absolutely necessary. These agencies depend on government good will, and if the government bans them, then they cannot do their work at all. So, even when they vehemently oppose certain p (MORE)

Do Australian anti-terrorism laws infringe on individuals' human rights?

Whilst this is a matter of opinion, most law-abiding Australiancitizens would say that anti-terrorism laws do not infringe onindividual human rights. They would rather be safe and endure minorinconveniences than be allowed freedoms that also mean terroristscan easily get through minimal security mea (MORE)