What is language?

Basically, language is the symbols we use in order tocommunicate with one another, and the rules that govern how we usethem. . We are wired to learn language from our earlies (MORE)

Why are there languages?

there are languages because first to differentiate people and where they come from. Secondly to simplify our communication with other people.Imaginea world without any langu (MORE)
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What is the va don don?

The va don don is a creature from the black lagoon with a big head and hangs out in the hc.
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Where is don don on soineworld?

Don-Don is a character at Dragon Port. He is the person you play magic toggle with. He does the quest: Old Traveller. His quote is: Ready to play Magic Toggle!?
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How did you get languages?

People were building a tower to reach god but god didn't like that so over night he made them all speak a different language so they couldn't keep on building the tower, and t (MORE)
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What languages does don berlusconi speak?

through our contacts relative to don berlusconi,wealthy italian businessman and son of mega rich former italian prime minister, we have found that don berlusconi speaks the fo (MORE)